Somalis threaten to leave Sweden after SD's election victory


Published 25 September 2022 at 13.48

Domestic. A Somali – father of Expo profiler Bilan Osman – now states that he intends to move from Sweden because of SD's successes and the “racism” that pervades the country.

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“It has become increasingly difficult to live in an increasingly xenophobic Sweden”, writes Abdimajid Osman in a debate article in Aftonbladet.

He states that he came to Sweden in 1986 as ” young refugee guy from Somalia”. But now he is forced to leave the Scandinavian country.

“Of course, there has always been racism in Sweden, but it is a completely different type of racism now. A rawer and more accepted racism in the political and media debate” , writes Abdimajid Osman.

“Me and my family are therefore emigrating to another country because we no longer believe that our children have a future in a xenophobic Sweden.”

His daughter Bilan Osman, a face of the far-left Expo, often expresses her disgust for Sweden.

“Hey fascist Sweden. I hate you,” she wrote on Twitter after the parliamentary election earlier in September.