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Volvo inaugurates new software testing center in Sweden


Volvo is investing not only in the electrification of its vehicle range but also in the development of the software. After all, we know, new generation cars are increasingly considered computers on 4 wheels. Already Today, models such as the Volvo EX90 and Volvo EX30 support OTA updates which introduce new features. or to improve those already existing.

To advance its software strategy, the automaker announced the inauguration of a new software testing center located in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The new center has a surface area of ​​approximately 22,000 square meters and 300 million Swedish crowns (approximately 25.5 million euros) were invested in its construction. At first, the new software testing center will employ approximately 100 people, which is expected to increase to 300 once the facility is operational. at full power. The site will arrive to host approximately 500 testbeds and digital test environments, up from approximately 200 currently.

The new Göteborg facility will work in close collaboration with other engineering centers around the world that play a central role in software development, such as the recently opened Tech Hub in Singapore. Among the activities of software development that Volvo is carrying out, there is the one that concerns the creation of functionalities for connectivity next generation. In addition to Krakow and Singapore, Volvo Tech Hubs are present in Stockholm and Lund, Sweden, and in Bangalore, India. The brand can also count on large engineering centers in Shanghai, China, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Anders Bell, global head of Research and Development, commented:

This is a cutting-edge facility that will be the fulcrum of our activities global software testing and validation. This center allows developers from all our international engineering and technology centers to test software remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I firmly believe that this new testing facility will be a a new point of reference for the automotive industry.

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Rome, ZTL Fascia Verde: one year extension for Euro 4 diesel and Euro 3 petrol


The mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri has announced that it is an agreement was reached with the Region on the modifications to the resolution for the Fascia Verde ZTL which had triggered a lot of controversy among citizens. Therefore, Euro 4 diesel and Euro 3 petrol vehicles will be able to circulate for another year. So, until October 31, 2024 there will be no problems. The traffic ban will come into effect then from November 1st 2024 and not, however, from November 1st 2023 as initially planned.

Another novelty, LPG cars will be able to circulate, contrary to the original proposal. The mayor explains:

We have found an adequate point of balance on the green belt ZTL. Euro 4 diesels will be able to continue to circulate for a year until November 2024. Other limits already remain which will be mitigated by the move in and bonus mechanisms. LPG can then circular, contrary to the original proposal. There will be these two move-in and entry bonus mechanisms that will allow partial use of vehicles that are already available. today they have limited circulation.


But it is not ended up here because the Mayor of Rome also made it known that the lighting of the ZTL gates is been postponed by a few months.

Therefore, it will take a little more of time before the 51 electronic gates actually come into operation, monitoring access to the restricted traffic zone and fining those who go astray. There are no precise timings yet but it will have to be done. wait until the beginning of 2024.

We don't have a time frame, it will take a few months. But some limitations already existed, they were on paper. With the necessary time we will arrive to a more specific situation orderly, with effective limitations but with tools to protect those who make limited use of the car and those who are not in a position to support. The Region's technicians carried out monitoring with respect to the new data on the quality of the products. of the air who are those who arrived in spring. Based on that data it is it was possible to remodulate the measures. This will be We will see the path, the technical stages with them, but the substance is that we had a green light thanks to the dialogue and institutional collaboration between us and the Region.

Therefore, the postponement of the opening of the gates is It was also decided to allow the Move-in system to be developed, which is also used in other situations. Specifically, it is a black box that measures the road traveled within the restricted traffic zone. If a certain mileage is exceeded, calculated based on the emissions of your vehicle, the alarm will be triggered. the fine automatically through the electronic gates.

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Chinese electric car investigation: Great Wall Motor sends documentation to EU


The European Commission formally launched the anti- dumping on electric cars produced in China. This is a very “hot” topic. of which it is already discussed a lot and about which there will be much more to be said over time, as the investigation progresses forward.

The investigation will, as we know, follow a rigorous procedure in line with EU and WTO rules and all interested parties, including the Chinese government and companies, will be able to present their comments, evidence and arguments. Apparently, Great Wall Motor (GWM) has already move, sending its documentation to the European Commission. According to what Feng Mu told, president of GWM, his company is she was the first to send the documents. Specifically, the material would be delivered to the EU on October 11.

Feng Mu then added that they will continue to accelerate entry into new markets. Therefore, the growth strategy remains unchanged following the investigation.

China's overseas automotive expansion will be bumpy, but our commitment is unshakable and we will accelerate the pace of entry into new markets.

We remind you that in some European Union countries such as Germany and Sweden, Great Wall Motor sells electric cars under the Ora brand (think of the Funky Cat). The Chinese company also controls the Wey brand, which focuses more on PHEV models.

We cannot fail to mention that Great Wall Motor It looks with interest at Europealso as a place where it can build its own factory. In the past, the names of countries such as Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic had been mentioned. GWM is not the first Chinese automotive company to want to offer maximum collaboration with the European Union on the anti-dumping investigation. A couple of weeks ago, BYD expressed its maximum availability, underlining that its priority, as a listed company, is that of transparent management and open to the sharing of information. Furthermore, she did not say she was worried about the results of the investigation.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the investigation may last a maximum of 13 months. If legally justified, any provisional anti-subsidy duties may be imposed as early as possible. within 9 months of the start of the investigation.

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Milan closes the center to cars. Other similar cases in Europe


The news that the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala intends to close a part of the historic center (the Quadrilatero area of fashion) to private traffic has caused much discussion. There was no shortage of controversy, as always happens when a mayor proposes a substantial change to the road network. of the city. Moreover, radical changes like this are not well received by citizens who are forced to review their movement habits.

In the case of Milan, the choices of the municipal administration on roads have long been townare causing a lot of discussion. Let's think, for example, of the changes to Area B and Area C that have recently been introduced. There is there are those who reject them outright and there are those who think that they are not enough in light of what the other large European metropolises are doing.

A debate that is destined to continue given that the Mayor Giuseppe Sala has made it clear that "this is just the beginning.” After the center, other areas of the city they will be closed to private traffic, although the details of the project are not yet known. Moreover, even the closure of the Quadrilatero della moda area (as well as some adjacent streets) is not has not yet been defined in detail given that the objective is that of stopping the cars within the middle of the race. of 2024.


What was done in Milan cannot be &# 39; certainly something new in an absolute sense. In fact, severalother large cities in Europethey have decided to ban access to cars in the center or in some specific areas. There are several examples. Let's think, for example, of Pariswhich will close in 2024 a part of the centre, with the objectives of reducing pollution, improving road safety and promoting the use of other modes of transport. transport.

We can then move to Stockholmwhere the municipal administration recently decided, not with little controversy, to ban the circulation of endothermic cars in the city center starting from 2025. We are talking about an area of ​​about 20 blocks which will include the main shopping and office streets. Obviously there will be exceptions but the municipal administration, with this choice, aims to reduce pollution and traffic chaos. of the city. In fact, only electric cars will be able to circulate.

In Oslo, however, a part of the city center is is already closed to private vehicle traffic since 2015. A choice harshly criticized at the time, especially by traders. The municipal administration, however, is went ahead anyway. The examples could be even more and other cities European governments are thinking of closing part of the center to cars.

All that remains is to wait to understand in detail what the Sala administration's decisions will be regarding road conditions. of Milan for the next few years to find out how it will change the city.

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BMW 5 Series: electric, diesel, petrol or plug-in, for all tastes | First contact


If you like the new BMW 5 Series you can rest assured about the engine, there is plenty of it. for all tastes. BMW is keen to reiterate its multi-solution philosophy, a choice that offers a car that is the same for everyone from the outside, characterized by the usual driving pleasure typical of BMW, but with all the choices in terms of engines for this generation, number 8.

BMW 5 Series, Plug-in versions arrive. Electric range up to 100 km 12

Auto 27 Sep

BMW 5 Series, the new generation is official. Also electric 69

Auto 24 May

No war between diesel and electric, this is BMW's goal. We start from the 197 hp of the BMW 520d, the one with the 2-liter diesel and 400Nm of maximum torque, and we arrive at thei5 eDrive40 (340 hp, rear-wheel drive) or thei5 M60 from 601 hp and four-wheel drive.

In the middle there is a little of everything, because the mild hybrid category is in fact represented by diesel and petrol engines: they are all a little electrified thanks to the small electric motor and the small battery, and is this is the form in which heat engines can still exist. So the 208 hp 520i has yes a 2 liter petrol, but it also hides a little electric help.

If we increase electrification, we arrive at the 530e and 550e, plug-in hybrid versions with 299 and 489 hp that can travel up to a hundred kilometers in mode electricthanks to the new battery.

In this first contact I alternated the entry diesel with the more advanced electric. powerfuland it is pleasant to note how the car does not change in the sensations it transmits. The ergonomics of the passenger compartment are always the same, centered on the driver who has a lot of comfort available and controls always at hand, because not everything is relegated to the touchscreen.

The same goes for the feeling of the steering wheel and for the comfortgeneral, although with some differences. In fact, on the 520d we find a basic setup while the M60 is the most sophisticated thanks to the adaptive suspension and sports package.

BMW 5 Series is not a light car, already the diesel weighs 1,900 kilograms. Yet the 2 liter drives it without problems thanks to a ready and available torque at the bottom. Of course, he won't have the starting point of the electric, but the 197 horsepower are enough for a 0-100 in 7.3 seconds and, when we travel at a trot, it manages to consume very little, around 6 liters per 100 km (it claims 5.1- 5.6 in the WLTP cycle).

Add a few hundred kilos (to reach 2,380 kg) and here we are with the electric M60 that does 0-100 in just 3.8 seconds

strong>. A completely different approach compared to the diesel, and the promised autonomy varies between 455 and 516 kilometers on a charge. If you travel, it's even better to focus on the rear-wheel drive electric one, which sprints in 6 seconds flat and travels between 497 and 582 kilometers on a charge.

The M60 is a monster of torque and power, but maintains the same excellent steering feel and is pressed to the ground by the low center of gravity, as well as having active stabilizer bars as standard. These use electric motors to counteract body movements and roll; actually the result is Optimal. The only occasion in which the mass is felt is in very rapid changes of direction, but it is difficult to find similar circumstances on the street.

For the rest, both always enter corners with excellent precision – with the M60 I use regeneration while with the 520d I have to intervene with the brakes instead – and they come out quickly and ready to attack the next one.

Driving pleasure, luxury, comfort and technology are therefore confirmed, with the only note on the tech part which improves if infotainment in the first level of the interface, the one that gives us the main and quick commands just a touch away, but it still remains a little complex in the second “layer”, that of the more complex options. specifications that must be looked for after a few attempts within the sub-menus (or studied in the manual).


To take home an eighth generation BMW 5 Series you start from just under 70,000€: 67,900€ for the 520d or 66,800€ for the 520i.

The drives plug-ins start from 72,300€ while the least expensive electric one is the rear-wheel drive version costs 74,400€. The most powerful, to date the electric M60 costs 100,200€.

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2024, trim levels and prices. The 130 HP version arrives


At the end of May, Toyota announced the arrival of some important innovations. for the Yaris Hybrid. The most The introduction of a new unit was certainly interesting. In fact, next to the already well-known Hybrid 115 version which can always count on a total power of 85 kW (116 HP), the new Hybrid 130 with 96 kW (130 HP) arrives. A few months after the announcement of the Yaris Model Year 2024, the Japanese manufacturer has opened orders and made the new price list official. The first deliveries are expected in January 2024.


Thanks to the new unit the performance of the Toyota Yaris also improves. As we had seen, 100 km/h can be reached, starting from a standstill, in 9.2 seconds, while to go from 80 to 120 km/h it takes 7.5 seconds. But the new unit is not serious; the only new feature of the Yaris Model Year 2024.

In fact, digital instrumentation is available with a 7 or 12.3 inch screen. The infotainment system, however, depending on the version chosen, can be 9 or 10.5 inches. The infotainment now has a renewed user interface and obviously there is no lack of support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In terms of driving assistance systems, the car manufacturer has introduced the new Toyota T-Mate package which includes all the features previously proposed by Toyota Safety Sense, adding new ones.


New Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2024 is available in 6 configurations. The Hybrid 115 engine is can be combined with the Active and Trend setups, while the Hybrid 130 is proposed in the Lounge, GR SPORT and Premiere Edition setups. More specifically, Toyota Yaris Active offers as standard, among other things, OTA updateable Toyota Safety Sense, automatic climate control, Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with 9-inch screen and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration and adjustable and heated exterior mirrors electrically. Instead, the Active version adds 16-inch alloy wheels, a digital cockpit with 7-inch screen, front and rear LED headlights, fog lights, and rear privacy glass.

All Hybrid 130 versions are equipped as standard with the new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with 10.5-inch screen, equipped with wireless smartphone integration and cloud-based navigator and 12.3-inch digital cockpit. It is worth noting that the GR SPORT setup is was developed to offer a more modern look. gritty to the car. Instead, the Premiere Edition, on sale only for a limited period to coincide with the commercial launch of Yaris 2024, represents the most attractive offer. complete in terms of equipment.

The list prices start from 24,100 euros for the Hybrid 115 Active to 31,700 euros for the “Hybrid 130” GR SPORT and Premiere Edition.

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NIO, electric cars accessible in Europe under the Firefly brand


NIO has an ambitious growth strategy which also concerns the < strong>European market. As we know, the Chinese brand is already entered Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Obviously, the goal is that of being able to market its electric cars also in other European countries, Italy included. Speaking of our country, we will need to However wait a bit given that we're talking about 2025.

In Italy, as in the rest of the European markets, NIO will introduce also the Firefly sub-brand which should be launched in the third quarter of 2024. We will start from Europe but then the Firefly brand battery-powered cars will also arrive in China. The goal is that of being able to market more electric cars through this brand. accessible from an economic point of view.


The name Firefly is, at the moment, temporary. In any case, the car manufacturer believes a lot in this project to increase its presence on the European market. As NIO's number one had said in an old interview with Autocar, in Europe there is a strong demand for compact cars with accessible list prices.

We are talking about cars with an entry price of less than 30 thousand euros. After all, to take root in a new market you cannot focus only on premium cars. For this reason, NIO intends to focus on this new sub-brand with which to present more advanced electric cars on the market. accessible.

The first Firefly model could be a compact electric to be offered at a starting price of less than 30 thousand euros. It would therefore be a vehicle that would enter into direct competition with the MG4 which is selling very well in Europe. In the medium term, these electric cars could become rivals of the "small" battery-powered cars that the Volkswagen Group intends to launch from 2025 starting with the ID.2 which, as we know, will have a starting price of 25 thousand euros.

At the moment, however, there is still no precise information on the characteristics that these cars will have. In any case, advances in batteries will help NIO keep the price of its future compact electrics down.

Furthermore, NIO will aim to a lot on economies of scale to contain the construction costs of its cars. Although the Firefly models will be designed for the European market, they will be produced in China, reportedly at a factory in Anhui province. Models for NIO's new Alps sub-brand will also be produced at the plant. This strategy, therefore, will allow to achieve greater economies of scale given that there is speculation that the Firelfy and Alps models could share some of the mechanics.


Future Firefly models will continue to feature the technologies that NIO has developed in recent years, including battery swap. Swapping batteries is easy. very important for the Chinese brand which also uses this system to offer its models with the battery rental formula. Offer that allows you to lower the cost of accessing your electricity by paying a monthly fee.

However, the compact Firefly models will not be compatible with NIO's current battery swap stations due to their larger size. small and, probably, due to the use of different batteries. This could mean having to create a dedicated network. In Europe, this may not be a problem as, currently, the network of battery swapping stations is small. still very small. At the moment, it is made up of only 27 stations with the aim of reaching 80 by the end of 2023. In China, by way of comparison, we are already almost at 2,000. However, in the past, NIO aimed to reach the milestone of 1,000 stations by 2025, outside the borders of China.


NIO's distribution model in Europe will not change. Therefore, it will continue to propose a direct sales model. However, for the Firefly sub-brand things could be different. In fact, the Chinese automaker is also evaluating other options, including that of resellers. Therefore, a dealer network could be created. Moreover, NIO has made it known that it will choose the model that best suits the local market and the brand's development needs.

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La Gazzetta del Motorsport, Verstappen's 50th win in Austin


Max Verstappen was the USA GP was also awarded, which was aimed at Austin. For the Dutch it was It was the victory number 15 of the 2023 season and the number 50 of his Formula 1 career. This time, however, the Red Bull driver had to work hard to bring home the victory.< /p>

Party sixth, has suffered more than usual to regain the lead of the race. In fact, his car was not very fast on this circuit. Furthermore, the Dutchman also had to deal with some brake problems which complicated everything. In the end, he also had to defend himself from Hamilton's returnwhich, however, after the end of the race, is was disqualified together with Leclerc. What is success? The Englishman had finished, as mentioned, second, while the Monegasque of Ferrari was sixth.


During the post-race checks the technicians of the International Federation noticed of an irregularity to the bottom skidwhich usually needs to be 10mm thick (1mm tolerance). The Mercedes and Ferrari teams justified themselves by saying that the increased wear could be due to the bumpy track and the weekend format which also included the sprint race. However, the federation rejected the justifications as it is up to the teams to ensure that the car always complies with the regulations. Therefore, for Hamilton and Leclerc there is no There was nothing to be done and the two riders were excluded from the ranking which is been revolutionized.

In second place, therefore, is Lando Norris has risen, while Carlos Sainz is now in third. Also the riders rankingis was greatly influenced by this decision. In fact, Hamilton lost ground to Perez in the fight for second place. Sainz, on the other hand, gets closer to Alonso. In the constructors' classification, Ferrari is even closer to to Mercedes. Even though Hamilton is been excluded from qualifying, the changes introduced on the Mercedes seem to be working.

Disappointing weekend for Ferrari and not just for Leclerc's disqualification. In fact, the Monegasque started on pole with ambitions of doing very well in the race. The one-stop strategy, however, didn't pay off. At the end of the GP, the Monegasque was found himself having to manage the tires of his single-seater, slowing down the pace enough to let his teammate pass who, with two stops, had a better pace. In the end it is Sainz reached the podium but only thanks to Hamilton's qualifying. Next appointment in Mexico, October 29th.

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Hongqi L5 2024, the Chinese alternative to the Rolls-Royce Phantom


The new Hongqi L5 is not a simple car, but the Chinese automaker's direct response to the growing wave of ultra-luxury cars that has invaded the Chinese market. The Chinese manufacturer has decided to renew a model that is in direct competition with the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

This model is the production version of the famous state limousine CA770. The new variant is was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2023, revealing an even more refined design. imposing, rich in chrome and with an even more expensive price. high.


The new L5 retains its iconic retro look on the front while new 21″ wheels stand out on the sides and a two-tone paint job, very similar to those of the Phantom and Maybach S-Class. Distinctive details such as the red stripe on the bonnet match perfectly with other red accents on the logo and fenders.

The rear of the Hongqi L5 2024has undergone a significant transformation: the bumper is been redesigned and now features vertical LED headlights. The model name stands out on the tailgate, which according to representatives of the Chinese brand, is written in Mao Zedong's handwriting.

In terms of dimensions, the L5 measures 5980 mm in length, 2090 mm in width and 1710 mm in height, for a wheelbase of 3730 mm. These figures make it more long (+411 mm) and slightly longer narrow and tall than the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Furthermore, it weighs an impressive 3150 kg, far exceeding the weight of both the Phantom and the Maybach S-Class.

The The large interior space of the new Hongqi L5, despite its imposing dimensions, accommodates only four seats. Real rear seats create an opulent atmosphere for those who prefer to be driven.

IT HAS A 387 HP V8

Hongqi has incorporated luxury elements into the interior and opted for bold color combinations, which could be particularly attractive to the Chinese market . Under the hood we find a 4-liter V8 engine which delivers 387 HP of power, distributed to all four wheels. While full specs haven't been revealed yet, we know it can. reach a speed maximum speed of 220 km/h.

And although the Chinese manufacturer claims that it is a car for everyone, the starting price of 5 million yuan (646,189 euros) suggests the opposite. According to Car News China, production of the 2024 Hongqi L5 is already started, with the first deliveries expected by the end of 2023. We do not know at the moment whether it will arrive. in Europe, like the E-HS9 electric SUV.

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BMW X3, still road tests for the new generation of the SUV


BMW, thanks to the Neue Klasse platform, will be able to take an important step forward in its electrification strategy. On this new platform, 6 new models will be made between 2025 and 2027. One of these should be the heir to the BMW iX3. The SUV, however, will continue to also be offered in an endothermic version which should continue to be based on the CLAR platform.

And the new generation of the endothermic BMW was intercepted again during a road test session.


In reality, two different versions of the new generation of the SUV were photographed, both obviously still camouflaged with the film classifications that hide the design details. In particular, the first appears to be an M Performance version, perhaps the future M50i, characterized by the presence of large rims with very wide tyres. The second, however, in action at the Nurburgring, is a smaller version "traditional" which is not characterized by M Performance elements.

< br style="clear: left;">

In any case, it seems that the new SUV should grow slightly in size. The new spy photosthey allow you to take a new look especially at the front and rear where there are new light clusters. The new X3, however, seems to have a design that is an evolution of the current one, with some references to the new X1.

There will be way, however, to find out more given that the presentation still lacks a lot of time given that we are talking about a period between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. The new spy images do not, unfortunately, allow us to take a peek at the cockpit. However, the endothermic model should continue to feature the well-known BMW Curved Display. As for the engines, we will certainly find units Mild Hybrid and Plug-in.

The new electric BMW iX3, as we said at the beginning, will be instead based on a completely different platform. To find out more, all you have to do is wait for further information to arrive.

[Spy photo: CarScoops]

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Rome, eco-friendly Sundays are back: here are the dates


The ecological Sundays in Rome are back, like every year. The objectives of the Municipality are multiple. The aim is to combat air pollution and raise awareness among the population on important issues such as quality of the air.

The objective is is to prevent and contain air pollution, contribute to raising awareness among citizens on the issue of quality of air and responsible use of energy sources.

Between the end of 2023 and the first months of 2024, there will be 5 eco-friendly Sundays. The first appointment is scheduled for Sunday 19 November.


As mentioned, the municipal council has drawn up a calendar for the 2023/2024 ecological Sundays with the first to be held on November 19th. The ecological Sundays will be held on these days:

  • 19 November 2023
  • 3 December 2023
  • 14 January 2024
  • 25 February 2024
  • 24 March 2024

On all these days, the circulation of endothermic vehicles (private traffic) will be prohibited within the Green Beltfrom 7.30am to 12.30pm and from 4.30pm to 8.30pm.

The provision provides for a total ban on the circulation of vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines, in the “Green Zone” restricted traffic zone. of the PGTU (the General Urban Traffic Plan), in the time slots 7.30-12.30 and 16.30-20.30.

The derogated or exempted categories, possibly foreseen for the aforementioned prohibitions, will be reported in the specific application documents, i.e. close to each appointment (usually Euro 6 petrol, electric, hybrid, methane and LPG). In the resolution of the Capitoline council it is It has also been specified that the dates and times of the limitations may still be subject to modifications taking into account the environmental context of reference as well as of the occurrence of events not yet foreseen or not foreseen foreseeable that should be considered incompatible and of overriding public interest.

Yes It is therefore a particularly restrictive block. Be careful of fines. It is usually the municipal police who carry out the checks. For those who go astray it is a fine of 168 euros is expected. In the event of a repeat offense (two infringements in two years), a new fine is also imposed. The suspension of the license for a period of 15 to 30 days is also foreseen.

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NIO, over 2,000 battery swap stations between China and Europe


NIO believes a lot in the battery swap technology in which it is investing heavily. The Chinese automaker is working on more fronts. In fact, in addition to expanding the network of battery exchange stations in China, at the same time it has started to build its network in Europe too, at least in the countries where it is already landed. Now, NIO has reached a major new milestone. In fact, the car manufacturer announced that it has installed over 2,000 stations for battery swapping, 1,975 in China and 27 in Europe.

The Chinese brand is progressively accelerating its The installation of its battery exchange stations. If for the first thousand stations it took 4 years, for the next 1,000 it is a year and 3 months was enough. The first Power Swap Station(PSS), as NIO calls these stations, is was built in Shenzhen in May 2018. The 1,000th PSS is then came into operation in July 2022.

< br style="clear: left;">

Now, we have reached 2,000 and 30 million battery swaps carried out overall since the manufacturer made this service available.


As regards the Old Continent, the network is gradually starting to grow. Obviously we are still far from the numbers of China but we must also remember that the first station is was installed in January 2022 in Norway, a completely new market for NIO. The Chinese brand planned to have 120 PSS in Europe by the end of the year, but this goal is was later lowered to 80 stations. We'll see if NIO succeeds to hit it given that we are just at 27 stations and there isn't much left at the end of 2023.

We remind you that to support his plan to create battery swap stations in the Old Continent , the Chinese automaker opened a factory in Hungary to build this battery-swapping infrastructure. Currently, NIO is installing the Power Swap Station 3.0 which allow it to house 21 batteries inside them (13 in the previous generation) to carry out up to a maximum of 408 replacements every day (312 with the previous generation). previous). The whole process is automated and takes less than 5 minutes.


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Misano is a candidate for the Italian stage of Formula E


Formula E presented the new 2024 calendar. As we have seen, although the double Italian appointment is confirmed, it seems that there will be no the Rome ePrix at EUR. The reason is simple: the new Gen3 single-seaters are much more faster than the previous generation ones and the street circuit of the Capital is not more suitable.

For this reason, alternatives are being sought, including permanent circuits. Apparently, there is an application. In fact, the Misano World Circuitconfirms that it has applied to host the stage scheduled for the weekend of 13 and 14 April. There have been several meetings and last week was the visit to the area by the organizers took place to view the facility.

The candidacy of the Misano circuit is therefore on the table. At this point, the ball passes to the organizers who will have to choose the best venue for the Italian ePrix. If the choice falls on Misano, we will need to then also establish the new naming of the Italian event which in this case will be synthesis and expression of the territory. All that remains is to wait. The organizers of Formula E have already made it known that a decision should be made by the end of the year. The president Luca Colaiacovo and the managing director Andrea Albani, on the candidacy of the Misano World Circuit, commented:

We are among the candidates and this already is quite a success. In recent weeks we have worked to prepare a dossier capable of convincing the promoter to choose us for the Italian races in the coming years, using the winning scheme that puts MWC in synergy with the territory to affirm a dual objective: adding a world-class event to the our calendar already so rich and immediately build a further opportunity of business for the hospitality industry. It is the world's first 'Net Zero Carbon from Day Zero' which would enrich with the plus sign the events hosted in the Motor Valley are innovative.

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Pro One, Stellantis' plan to become a leader in commercial vehicles


Pro One is Stellantis' new strategic plan to become a leader in commercial vehicles and which includes the professional offers of Citroen, FIAT Professional, Opel, Peugeot, Ram and Vauxhall. Pro One is among the seven activities with strong profitability potential envisaged by the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.

The new strategy foresees that by the end of 2023, 100% of Stellantis' new vans and pickups will be connected, with OTA updates starting in 2026. It will be It is therefore possible to create new service packages dedicated to continuity. and business efficiency, with the ultimate goal of reducing downtime of the fleet and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The packages will offer services such as digital maintenance tracking and asset management software. and charging, so to optimize electric vehicle fleets and send alerts to drivers in real time.


The range of commercial vehicles is offered within the Citroen, FIAT Professional, Opel, Peugeot, Ram and Vauxhall brands and includes 5 vans, 10 pickups and an offer in the field of micromobility. Furthermore, Monday October 23rd will be a totally renewed range of vans presented, with second generation zero-emission powertrain, an exclusive hydrogen solution, connectivity complete and latest generation autonomous driving assistance systems.

Instead, the vehicle lineup for North America will be expanded with the upcoming electrified vans and pickups, which include the Ram ProMaster EV and the Ram 1500 REV arriving in 2025. Furthermore, a retrofit program with Qinomic< is also being tested /strong>, taking advantage of Stellantis' experience in the field of Circular Economy, with the aim of extending the life of internal combustion van fleets by achieving a convenient and reliable conversion to electric.

The Group can count on over 20,000 sales and service touchpoints globally. Furthermore, through collaboration with 400 global partners located in 34 countries, Stellantis connects customers, dealers, manufacturers and operators of bodybuilders and conversions, which represent 50% of its commercial vehicle sales.

The subjects involved find themselves in a simple digital path, which reduces the execution times of the production and delivery phases. This integrated approach allows setup and transformation operators to have shared access to a totally digital ecosystem. To electrify conversions, operators will also be able to take advantage of the advantages of the innovative e-Power Take Off (ePTO) technology for conversions to electric which, instead of adding other batteries, uses the energy source installed on the vehicle.

Stellantis' new Pro One strategy is based on 7 main pillars and will allow the Group to maintain production sites on a global scale, create a fluid and personalized customer experience and offer 100% connected services.

With the commercial vehicle business – which today represents a third of net revenues of Stellantis, with 1.6 million units sold per year – the Pro One strategy will help Stellantis to achieve the objectives set in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. These include doubling net revenues from commercial vehicle sales by 2030, compared to 2021, as well as achieving a 40% mix of electric vehicle sales (EV ) and the creation of 5 billion euros in revenues from services.

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Cyclus is born, the platform for recycling end-of-life cars


Cobat has given life to Cyclus, a network that brings together the best operators in the ;car demolition which guarantees car manufacturers and operators in the sector traceability and data security in the management of cars that have reached the end of their life.

This platform was created as a response to the management of end-of-life automotive components, in a country with an increasingly large fleet. large and old and a congenital shortage of raw materials.


The sector of recycling cars that have reached the end of their lifeis more and more important for the European and national economy, especially considering the proposal of the new European Regulation on ELV (End of Life Vehicle) put forward by the European Commission in order to fully promote circularity of the automotive sector.

According to data processed by Eurostat, around 6 million end-of-life vehicles are generated every year, with our country just over one million. Furthermore, in Italy the fleet on the road is very old (average 12 years). Our country also boasts the European record for car ownership with 672 cars and 897 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants.

The Italian supply chain has reached a total recovery percentage that is attested according to the “Study on the problems of recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles” by the Foundation for Sustainable Development only at 84.7%, decidedly far from reaching the objective of 95%, both due to the absence of forms of energy recovery and the difficulty of to find a valorization circuit for materials with lower market value.

With its new platform, Cobat aims, therefore, to make a contribution to sustainability of the automotive sector by promoting good recovery and recycling practices.

Currently, the new platform promoted by Cobat already has Four car brands and over one hundred and fifty of the major Italian companies in the car demolition field have joined. The platform also allows you to consult reports, statistics and vehicle data sheets. Claudio De Persio, CEO of Cobat and Haiki+, commented:

Promoting good recovery and recycling practices for Cobat is a constitutive objective. For some time we have been called to give substance to a change of pace in end-of-life management and the automotive sector has demonstrated foresight and practical sense in this regard. Cyclus and Cobat intend to accompany this sustainability process fully, providing an innovative and efficient solution to facilitate the achievement of the essential objectives of environmental protection and transparency.

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Toyota, all the news? of the Japan Mobility Show 2023


With its presence at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which will be held in Tokyo from October 26 to November 5, Toyota announced a series of vehicles that promise to revolutionize the future of mobility, including two new electric concepts.

The first is ; the Toyota Land Cruiser Se. It is a three-row SUV that combines the high performance typical of electric vehicles with an elegant and refined design. Ideal for global needs, it ensures quiet driving in urban areas thanks to its BEV nature. Furthermore, we have a monocoque structure that ensures easy maneuverability. precise even on rough terrain.

It has a body with dimensions of 5150 mm in length, 1990 mm in width and 1705 mm in height, for a wheelbase of 3050 mm, and is able to accommodate up to seven people.

Then we have the Toyota EPU. We are talking about a next-generation pick-up that combines durability and style, with a length of slightly more than 5 meters and a monocoque structure. Its versatility adapts to a wide range of applications, with a particular focus on outdoor.

It measures 5070mm long, 1910mm wide and 1710mm high and boasts a wheelbase of 3350mm. Its interior is capable of accommodating up to five passengers.


At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the Japanese brand will present also the Toyota Land Hopper. &` an innovative means of mobility three-wheeled personnel can can also be used without a license by those aged 16 and over. With a foldable design, it promises to broaden travel experiences and serves as an ideal solution for the elderly.

It boasts a body with dimensions of 1355 mm in length, 600 in width and 930 mm in height and a wheelbase of 1020 mm.

The Toyota JUU is an innovative electric wheelchair that offers unprecedented freedom of unprecedented movement. Designed to support the independence of those who require wheelchairs, it can even tackle steps up to 16 cm high.

The use of components from the automotive sector guarantees reliability and quality. It measures 1110 mm long, 680 mm wide and 1040 mm high.

The Toyota Space Mobility is an experimental vehicle intended for mobility in the space. With each wheel equipped with its own motor and steering system, it aims to ensure safe driving in extraterrestrial environments.

The dimensions are 3460 mm long, 2175 mm wide and 1865 mm high. Supports a maximum slope of 25° and it is capable of accommodating up to two passengers.

Finally, at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the Japanese company will reveal the Toyota NEO Steer. This innovative cockpit concept is based on a motorcycle handlebar, combining accelerator and brake functions in the steering wheel. &` designed to offer intuitive driving.

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Lucid Gravity, the debut electric SUV? at the Los Angeles Motor Show


The new electric SUV Lucid Gravity will make its official debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show. Precisely, the American car manufacturer will present its new model on November 16. The manufacturer describes Gravity as a luxury SUV with high presentations. To see it on the road, however, you will need to then wait a little longer as production will start. only towards the end of 2024 in the same plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, where the Lucid Air electric sedan is also built today.


We already know about this model some things thanks to a series of information shared directly by the car manufacturer over the last few months. The new SUV is based on the same platform as the Air sedan (LEAP – Lucid Electric Advanced Platform). Inside the cockpit it will offer not only a lot of luxury but also a lot of space since it will be able to accommodate up to 7 people on board.

Lucid Gravity will bring Also making their debut are the new high-resolution Glass Cockpit displays which will be able to count on a revised interface compared to the one currently available on the Lucid Air. Nothing is has been said precisely about the technical specifications. Presumably, the SUV will be able to count on the same powertrain as the sedan.

The American company has only highlighted that Gravity will have a reference range for the electric car category, inferior only to that of the Lucid Air. We remind you that the top model of the sedan can count on over 800 km of autonomy according to the WLTP (Lucid Air Dream Edition Range) cycle.

The electric SUV will also have of pneumatic suspensions and support for bidirectional charging. All that remains, therefore, is to wait a few more weeks to discover all the secrets of this new model which, in the future, should also be made available in Europe, at least in the markets where the American manufacturer is already landed.

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Dear fuels, Urso: the average price cartel works. For FIGISC no


The topic of petrol and diesel prices continues to be very hot and a source of controversy, especially political. The winds of war blowing in the Middle East had raised fears of a new rise in the cost of fuel. For the moment, however, despite an increase in Brent prices, pump prices continue to progressively fall.

On the reasons that are leading to the reduction in petrol and diesel yes a new controversy has opened in Italy. The reason?


According to Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italy, the drop in costsis attributable to the cartel's success with the average fuel price. The minister also added that many had said that the cartel would lead service stations to conform to the lowest price. high. Instead, it is exactly the opposite happened.

The display of the cartel with the average fuel price was successful, because today the price of diesel and petrol is dropped to 1.9 euros per litre, well below two euros. They told us that with the exposure of the average price there would be a rush to conform to the lowest price. high. And’ exactly the opposite happened, the price curve is dropped downwards. Basically the price is reduced by a third.

Bruno Bearzi immediately responded to the minister's statements., National President of FIGISC, the acronym representing Confcommercio petrol stations, who underlined that is not certainly the success of the price cartel is the cause of the reduction in fuel costs.

With all due respect to Minister Urso, it is not it is certainly the average price cartel that has caused prices to drop, and certainly not by “a third”, according to his statements, but by a few cents, moving the bar from 2 euros to a little more ugrave; of 1.9.

Bearzi explains, however, that the drop in prices at the pump is was favored by a series of factors including the decrease in international prices of refined automotive products.

The reasons are to be found in a decrease in international prices of refined automotive products, which are still in a phase of volatility. due to the situation in the Middle East. Even the increases in crude oil prices in recent days have not had a major impact, because those who decide the prices (the companies, certainly not the petrol stations) have chosen to keep a low profile on margins, at least in this phase.

Therefore, for FIGISC, maintaining that the drop in prices of petrol and diesel is fruit of the success of the average price cartel is pure propaganda narrative.

The price mechanism works on product prices, on the exchange rate and on maintaining a stable level of costs and margins of the complex distribution system. Is not serious; a useless piece of paper or plastic, with a number of pure statistical abstraction that determines the market and is misleading and irresponsible to deceive the consumer with this narrative.

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Tesla, one million cars delivered in Europe


Tesla has reached a new milestone in Europe. In fact, the car manufacturer has announced that it has delivered its millionth car to the Old Continent. This is a figure that shows how Elon Musk's company has also grown on the European market where, in 2023, the Model Y will be launched. one of the most popular cars sold at all. Since 2009, when sales of the "old" Roadster, Tesla is has grown a lot and can also count on a factory in Germany.

The car manufacturer also attributes its success in part to lower prices. In fact, he says that between 2018, when only Model S and Model dropped by more than 50%. Tesla explains:

While much of these cost reductions are due to economies of scale, we continue to make our offering more affordable. accessible through original design engineering and innovative manufacturing techniques.

A second reason is the constant expansion of the Supercharger network which continues to become more and more great. Growth which therefore played a fundamental role in reaching the milestone of one million deliveries, given that it allowed customers to have access to an always reliable charging service.


Tesla says that in Europe, there are currently over 1,000 stations and 13,000 Supercharger stalls, with an uptime of 99.95%. Additionally, in 12 major markets in Europe, more than 85% of motorways and major roads are within 60 minutes of a Supercharger.

Charging network that continues to grow: during During the first 3 quarters of the year, an average of 8 new Supercharger stalls were opened every day in Europe.


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Lynk & Co 03 ++, the new sports car makes its debut in China


Lynk & Co 03 ++is was officially launched on the Chinese market. It is a sports version of the Lynk & Co 03and is available in two setups. Only 40 units will be produced. per monthand the first deliveries are expected in December. A model, therefore, not designed for large volumes. Prices? It starts from 285,800 yuan, i.e. approximately 37,460 euros.


New Lynk & Co 03 ++ is based on the CMA platform which is also the basis of several Volvo models (such as the XC40). Its measurementsthey are 4,697 mm long x 1,843 mm wide x 1,448 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,730 mm. The engine of this model, a 2-liter bi-turbo, is It was developed by Powertrain Engineering Sweden (Aurobay) and has a power of 350 HP with 450 Nm of torque, enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.89 seconds. The transmission is entrusted to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

< br style="clear: left;">

The look of the 03 is been made more aggressive thanks to the grip of a specific body kit which also includes a diffuser and a striking rear wing. In any case, among the options there is a package that adds larger wheel arches wider, larger bumpers sports and carbon fiber elements. As mentioned at the beginning, this sports car is proposed in two versions. The first is called 03 + Racing and is characterized by the presence of all-wheel drive and particularly rich standard equipment.

The second version, however, is called 03 + TCR CYAN and takes the name of the team (CYAN Racing) which won the WTCR championship twice. It is characterized by having front-wheel drive only, like the WTCR racing car, and by having more track-oriented and the rear seats and other “superfluous” equipment have also been removed to achieve weight savings. There is also a carbon fiber rear spoiler and specific Michelin tyres.

The price of this version is of 420,300 yuan, i.e. approximately 54,244 euros. Among the accessories are an increased braking system, a rollbar and even a racing suit.

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Formula E, here is the 2024 calendar. Rome is missing


Formula E has presented the 2024 calendar of the electric single-seater championship. There are several new features and one directly concerns Italy. The double appointment in our country is confirmed for April 13th and 14th. However, it is not specified location. In fact, the list is missing the Rome ePrix.

The reason for the absence from the 2024 Formula E calendar is was explained well through a note from the FIA ​​World Council. The reason is very simple. The new Gen3 single-seaters are much more faster than the previous generation ones and the city route of the EUR is not more suitable.

The press release specifically mentions a change of location. For this reason, alternative venues are being explored, including permanent circuits, all to keep the ePrix in Italy. Near Rome there is Vallelunga but it is It is possible that another route will be chosen. An update on the choice of the Italian stage, we read, will be delivered by the end of the year.

The 2024 World Cup, however, will start on January 13from the City of Mexico and will conclude on July 21st in London. The appointment in India in Hyderabad has been confirmed, while the Chinese ePrix, absent since 2019 due to the outbreak of the pandemic, is back on the calendar.


Here is the calendar for the 2024 Formula season E.

  • 13 January – Mexico, Mexico City
  • 26-27 January: Saudi Arabia, Diriyah
  • 10 February: India, Hyderabad
  • li>

  • March 16: Brazil, Sao Paulo
  • March 30: Japan, Tokyo
  • April 13-14: Italy, venue to be defined
  • 27 April: Monaco, Monte Carlo
  • May 11-12: Germany, Berlin
  • May 25-26: China, Shanghai
  • June 29: United States, Portland
  • 20-21 July: Great Britain, London

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Toyota Supra, the most is coming? extreme GRMN version. Test at the Nurburgring


Toyota Supra will soon be offered in amore extreme GRMN version. The car manufacturer is finalizing the development tests of the sports car which is now was intercepted at the Nurburgring. Moreover, the curves of the German circuit are perfect to allow the Japanese technicians to fine-tune all aspects of this new model. Thanks to a spy video from CarSpyMedia, we can therefore see this car in action on the circuit, as well as being able to listen to the sound of its engine.


The images allow us to see that the car has light camouflagewhich, however, doesn't hide much. At the front, for example, we can see a bumper that has additional fins (canards) at the ends. At the rear, however, it is There is a conspicuous spoiler similar to the one found on the GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition.

This prototype also features new alloy wheels through which you can note the presence of an oversized braking systemwith red pliers. Compared to the other versions of the Supra, this one also seems to have a lowered ride height. As for the engine that we will find under the hood, there are several rumors. It seems that the sportswoman will be able to count on one unit of BMW M.

We are talking about the 6-cylinder biturbo with 3 liters of displacement that today we find on the BMW M2, M3 and M4. Engine probably combined with a manual gearbox. Some rumors even talk about the engine of the BMW M4 CSL (550 HP), perhaps a little too much for this model.

However, regardless of the unit choice and power delivered, it seems clear that with the new Supra GRNM, the Japanese brand wants to offer something special. There is speculation that the debut could take place before the end of the year. All you have to do is wait to find out more. Let's remember that the Supra in Italy is offered both with a 258 HP 2.0 Turbo engine (4 cylinders) and with a 3.0 Turbo with 340 HP (6 cylinders).

[Spy Video: CarSpyMedia]

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DS Automobiles brings ChatGPT to its cars


DS Automobiles has introduced a revolutionary conversation experience on board its cars. Thanks to the integration of the advanced ChatGPT artificial intelligence into the DS Iris System, drivers can now enjoy a highly sophisticated digital assistant during their journeys, making every trip a unique experience.

ChatGPT, one of the most popular models advanced technologies of generative artificial intelligence, it is known for its ability of natural and fluid interaction. Using massive data sets, it is capable of answering a vast spectrum of questions, providing precise and essential answers.

When associated with the DS Iris System (present on the DS 3 – recently updated, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9), the OpenAI chatbotcomes to life, becoming a real travel companion. Think about the possibility to discuss the masterpieces of the Louvre, to explore sights in Bordeaux or simply to create a story for the children. All this is now possible thanks to the integration implemented by the Stellantis brand.


Olivier François, director of DS Automobiles, commented on this important progress: “At DS, our main objective is elevate the driving experience. With the introduction of ChatGPT, we're bringing next-level artificial intelligence, delivering seamless, intuitive interaction and turning every commute into a distinctive adventure. This is serious; This is a significant high-tech step and represents one of the most transformations notable of this century.”

Also Yves Bonnefont, Chief Software Officer of Stellantis, did not hide his enthusiasm: “Watching ChatGPT in action is exciting. fascinating. Its ability of interaction represents one of the most important developments impressive recent AI. Since was launched, we focused on integrating it into our systems, and with pride, we are the first in Europe to bring this innovation.”

The French brand has also announced a pilot phase called < strong>SoundHound AI powered by ChatGPT. This project will evaluate customer experience through the first 20,000 requests. &` It is interesting to note that, for those who activate a subscription between 19 October 2023 and 29 February 2024 on DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9, the service will be free for six months. And, what is even more Importantly, this feature is is currently available in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, supporting local languages.

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Rome, historic cars can always return to circulation in the Green Belt


Good news for all those who own a historic car (or motorbike) and live in Rome. In fact, they will be able to circulate in Rome in the ZTL Fascia Verde always and no longer only on Sundays or public holidays. In fact, the TAR of Lazio accepted an appeal promoted by the Automotoclub Storico Italiano (ASI), together with the Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia Historical Registers and supported by the Italian Motorcyclist Federation and the Roman Club “La Tartaruga”.

The ruling of the TAR therefore cancels the acts of the Lazio Region and the Capitoline Council which limited the circulation of historic vehicles.


The TAR, in its ruling, establishes the need to “balance the protection of the environment with the protection of equal dignity” constitutional, of the historical and cultural heritage in which historical motoring fully belongs.” In addition to the TAR, the Regional Administrative Court for Lazio also reiterated the undoubted specificity of the which already the law recognizes certified historic vehicles within the most broad category of motor vehicles.

The new sentence, therefore, establishes a new important step forward in the direction aimed at protecting historic motoring. In particular, it is underlined that there is no evidence that the restrictions on the circulation of certified historic vehicles have a concrete impact on the objective of reducing polluting components, therefore the same cannot be equated with measures limiting the circulation of other vehicles.

We remind you that the Municipality of Rome had established in an ordinance that historic vehicles could circulate within the Fascia Verde ZTL only on Sundays and public holidays. In fact, historic cars had been equated with older ones. pollutants. Now, with the TAR ruling, it is the turning point has come. Alberto Scuro, President of ASI, commented:

The arguments of the appeal with regard to all measures limiting the circulation of historic vehicles were accepted on the merits. In the law part it is Wide relevance was given to our reflections on the subject of balance and specificity of the role of historic vehicles. I am very happy with this ruling, as it represents a further step forward towards the widespread awareness that historic motorsport is an Italian excellence that we have the duty to continue to protect and promote for the good of the country.

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