'To the podium': The signs guiding Joe Biden


Published 11 July 2024 at 11.49

Foreign. President Joe Biden's staff is preparing highly educational signs and documents to guide him through various events, Axios reveals. Among other things, these include large photos and text that show the aging person's exact path to the podium.

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Since June, some Democrats have questioned the extreme accuracy of Joe Biden's staff before various events is aimed at trying to hide the president's advanced age and limitations.

One person who staffed a simple fundraising event describes how the whole thing was treated with the same care as a NATO summit, writes Axios.< /p>

The White House sends a template to staff before each event. One such template, which Axios is now publishing, includes large images and text such as “View from the lectern” and “Aisle to the lectern”.

A former staffer expresses surprise that an experienced politician like Joe Biden needs such detailed instructions.

Two former employees note that the preparation documents have changed since Biden was vice president, with more focus on photographs today, writes Axios.