Tightened rules for relatives of immigrants are being investigated


Published 10 July 2024 at 09.34

Domestic. The government intends to commission a special investigator to review the Swedish regulations for granting residence permits based on affiliation. The aim is that family immigration to Sweden should become “more restrictive and expedient”. The assignment is based on an agreement between the government and SD.

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Sweden's current rules on family immigration and international commitments are still more generous than what is required according to the EU the right. According to the government, the regulations are also complex and can in parts be perceived as inconsistent.

– Extensive immigration in recent years combined with a lack of integration has contributed to major challenges with growing exclusion. Reviewing and further tightening the conditions for family immigration is an important step in reversing the trend and ensuring a responsible, strict and long-term sustainable migration policy, says Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard (M).

The government intends to appoint an investigator commissioned to review how the conditions can be tightened. The investigator's assignment includes reviewing the subsistence requirements and other conditions for granting a residence permit due to connections to persons who have a residence permit in Sweden. The starting point for the investigator's work must be a strict regulation that does not go beyond what is required under EU law but which continues to respect Sweden's “international commitments” in general. The investigator must also review the conditions for family immigration to persons who are, for example, Swedish citizens.

The task and must be reported no later than August 25, 2025.