Successful launch of Europe's new space rocket


Published 10 July 2024 at 14.34

Foreign. On Tuesday, Ariane 6 was successfully launched from Europe's space port in Kourou in French Guiana. The new rocket, developed under the supervision of the European Space Agency ESA, creates more routes for European countries into space.

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The next generation launch vehicle, Ariane 6, took off in the evening from the Kourou rocket base in French Guiana. Ariane 6 is ordered by the European cooperation agency ESA and is co-financed by, among others, Sweden.

The new rocket marks a significant milestone for Europe's space program and is expected to improve competitiveness on the global launch vehicle market. The Ariane 6 rocket can transport large or tens of smaller satellites during one flight and place them in separate orbits.

Sweden, through GKN Aerospace among others, has played a decisive role in the Ariane 6 project by supplying turbines and nozzles for the rocket. The turbines for the overstep engine, Vinci, have been developed and manufactured in GKN's factory in Trollhättan, where the turbine and nozzle for the lower engine, Vulcain 2.1, were also produced. The nozzle is designed with GKN's sandwich technology for actively cooled rocket engine nozzle walls, which greatly contributes to reducing manufacturing costs and lead times.

The Ariane rockets have a long history. The first was launched in 1979 from Europe's space base in French Guiana and Ariane 6 will renew Europe's ability to place satellites in space.