Here, Barron Trump makes his public debut


Published 10 July 2024 at 16.13

Foreign. Donald Trump's youngest son Barron recently turned 18 and was shown for the first time to the former president's supporters on Tuesday.

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Donald Trump introduced his son , who is now off to college, at a rally in Doral, Florida on Tuesday night.

The father urged his son to stand up, and the 18-year-old received cheers and applause from the crowd.

Barron Trump has lived a relatively secluded life, shielded from the public light by his mother Melania, who has wanted him to finish his schooling in peace. Now that Barron has turned 18 and graduated from the private school Oxbridge in Florida, he has started to become more involved in his father's political activities.

– He has had such a nice and simple life. Now things have changed, Donald Trump said from the stage.

Despite his debut in a political context, Barron has plans for his education. According to reports from the Daily Beast, his first choice is New York University (NYU), which is just a few kilometers from Trump Tower. If he chooses to study there, he would break with family tradition, as both his father and older brother, Donald Trump Jr., graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school.

Barron Trump's future is yet to come. uncertain, but his first appearance suggests he may play a larger role in the family's public and political life.