Sweden's first NATO summit as a member


Published 9 July 2024 at 07.46

Domestic. On July 9–11, NATO's 32 member countries gather for a summit in Washington DC. The summit is the first in which Sweden participates as a full member of the defense alliance.

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Sweden is represented by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Foreign Minister Tobias Billström and Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

– Sweden now fully participates in NATO. As a member, Sweden is safer. By virtue of our geography and cutting-edge military capabilities, we contribute to making NATO stronger, developments in our immediate area more predictable and our neighboring countries safer, says Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in a statement.

At the summit, the leaders will discuss further developments of NATO's deterrence and defence. The meeting will also be about partnership cooperation and the alliance's long-term support for Ukraine.

– Sweden fully supports the alliance's statements that Ukraine's future is in NATO. We are clear that support for Ukraine is the destiny of our time and that our support will last as long as it is needed, says Ulf Kristersson.

In connection with the summit, NATO's 75th anniversary will also be noted.

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