Outcry when Bert Karlsson suggests that Ukraine give land to Russia


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Published 8 July 2024 at 16:08

Domestic. Bert Karlsson has caused a storm on social media by proposing peace talks that involve Ukraine agreeing to cede Russian-speaking areas.

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In his video blog “Bert's world”, Bert Karlsson says that he thinks it's funny to see that Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has started to “settle into peace negotiations with Russia”.

– I think it is the only possibility. I say Ukraine has to agree to something. Take the areas where the Russians live. Shit in everything else. No one can win a war like this. We have seen how the Second World War ended, and nobody understands in hindsight how it could start at all, he says.

The Russians should simply get the areas “where most Russians live”, according to Bert Karlsson.

– Move the Ukrainians to the other side instead and help with the economy, he says.

Karlsson says that he believes that someone like Viktor Orban could actually achieve something in the way of peace .

– But then Ukraine must also give in. It is not possible to say that you should have everything back. It won't work. In that case, they have to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of people for reasons of prestige, he says.

Bert Karlsson's video has received both positive and negative reactions, but many commentators are very upset and some accuse Karlsson of spreading “Russian propaganda”.

“Screw the hell up” and “Have you lost it all Bert?” reads other comments on X.

Another user notes:

“You're clear sighted Bert, unfortunately the mob willing a nuclear winter for a war in eastern Ukraine will throw shit like children below.”