Made 66 illegal immigration decisions – before becoming a police officer


Published July 9, 2024 at 10:38 a.m.

Domestic. A former case officer at the Migration Agency is charged with gross misconduct after making decisions in 66 work permit cases in a single day, despite the fact that he no longer had the authority to do so. The man has now got a job as a police officer, reports Göteborgs-Posten.

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In July 2021, an officer at the Migration Agency in Gothenburg was informed that he was no longer banned to make decisions on work permits, due to repeated quality deficiencies in his previous decisions.

Despite this, on August 10 he made decisions on 66 cases, just days before his employment was due to end. Two days later he made another decision.

According to the preliminary investigation, the number of decisions made in one day is unreasonably high and contains many quality deficiencies. A unit manager at the Swedish Migration Agency has testified that several applications were not complete or ready for decision.

The Swedish Migration Agency suspected that the case officer could have accepted bribes to make the large number of decisions just before he left his post. However, the prosecutor Joakim Zander has not proceeded with this suspicion in the investigation, but has only charged the man with gross misconduct.

The accused now works as a police officer in the Kungälv/Ale local police area. Fredrick Boström, acting local police chief, does not want to comment on the specific case but emphasizes that the police authority follows rules and guidelines in these cases.