Flops for Le Pen – the far left largest in France


Published 8 July 2024 at 06.33

Foreign. Marine Le Pen's National Front party is only in third place in the second round of the French parliamentary elections, according to preliminary figures from France's interior ministry. This after the establishment came together to sabotage the challenger.

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According to the preliminary figures, the left-wing alliance NFP will instead be the largest with 172-192 mandates, followed by Emmanuel Macron's alliance Together, which gets 150-170 seats in the National Assembly.

National Assembly first ends up in third place with 132-152 seats. This despite the fact that the party's coalition received the most votes (roughly 37 percent). The reason for the discrepancy is the French electoral system.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced his resignation, but neither group looks set to win an absolute majority.

National Assembly party leader Jordan Bardella accused it of called the “republican front” for having caused the bad result.

– We shall strengthen our work in opposition, he says.

The French establishment joined before the second round of elections in a common “front”. Among other things, a large number of candidates who came third in the first round chose to voluntarily drop out of the election to reduce the chances of National Assembly winning in various districts. Left-liberals and left-wing extremists also agreed to vote for each other's candidates.

– Our victory has been postponed, says Marine Le Pen in a comment on the election results on the French TV channel TF1.

Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon says his group is “ready to govern”.

– We have saved the republic, he says.

Left-wing riots rocked several French cities on election night.