Storm warning when new storm reaches Sweden today


Published 7 July 2024 at 12.23

Domestic. SMHI warns of storms in Västergötland and strong winds in several places in southern and central Sweden today, when storm gusts of 27 meters per second were measured on the west coast, writes Bohuslänningen.

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A yellow warning has been issued on SMHI's website and along the Bohuslän coast it is already blowing 27 meters per second in the villages.

– It is a bit above storm force. Inland, it is 20.7 meters per second in Hällum, just south of Lidköping. It's really windy, says Josefine Qvarnesjö-Bergstedt at SMHI to Expressen.

The storms are expected to move up the country during the day and be followed by rain.

A yellow warning means that the residents of affected areas are asked to do things like pick up any parasols and the like, and tie up, for example, newly planted raspberries and trees. Boats that are moored should be secured.

Tonight the storm will move out over the Baltic Sea along the Norrland coast.