Zettlr 3.2.0


Zettlr logo (79 pix) Versie 3.2.0 van Zettlr is uitgekomen. Zettlr is een op zettelkasten gebaseerde opensource- en crossplatform-markdown editor, waarmee artikelen, e-boeken en content kunnen worden gecreëerd. Ook kan het orde scheppen in de chaos van notities en artikelen, bronvermelding genereren en interactieve vragenlijsten maken. Het is daarmee geschikt voor onder meer ontwikkelaars, onderzoekers, journalisten en bloggers. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Release v3.2.0

In this release, we’ve fixed a few serious bugs, so we recommend updating for everyone, especially users who regularly work with files created on Windows. In addition, this release features a few good updates that will improve your workflows. As always, please report any bugs that we didn’t find this time around. Have fun with the update!

Resolved Data Loss Issues

When Zettlr v3.0.0 was released, we started receiving reports by users mentioning that some files wouldn’t properly save, potentially leading to data loss. After searching for the underlying root cause, we have now identified it as improper newline handling in files. Specifically, we have accidentally introduced a bug that would render Zettlr incapable of properly detecting Windows-style CRLF newlines. This means that Zettlr was only sometimes able to properly read and modify such files.

This update fixes this bug. Now, Zettlr is able to properly read and modify any file, regardless of whether it has been created on Windows, macOS, Linux, or even some older systems. We would like to apologize for this bug and thank you for sticking with Zettlr despite it.

Changes to the file filtering logic

The filter field in the file manager has always applied OR-logic when searching for files and workspaces. In this latest update, Zettlr changes to AND file filtering logic, meaning that only items matching all queries will be displayed when entering phrases separated by spaces.

As an example: Until now, searching for “Niklas Luhmann” would’ve surfaced files that contained either “Niklas” or “Luhmann,” or both. From now on, searching for “Niklas Luhmann” will only show files that contain both “Niklas” and “Luhmann” and exclude files that miss one of these phrases.

GUI and Functionality

  • Feature: The attachment/assets/other file sidebar tab now also shows files found in the default image folder where applicable
  • Feature: The right-click context menu for external markdown links now contains an option to remove a link. When removing <link> style links, the link text remains as plain text. When removing [title](link) style links, the title text remains as plain text.
  • Change: When searching for files in the filter field, only files and workspaces that match all queries entered will be displayed
  • Fixed the French translation of unsaved-changes dialog actions. (#5177)
  • Fixed bugs with properly saving files (and retaining linefeeds) on Windows systems; now Zettlr should be capable of handling any type of linefeed (#5109)
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes in various list controls would not be properly updated to reflect the actual, underlying value
  • Fix assets file icons in the sidebar
  • Design fixes in the sidebar
  • Fix: The file preview tooltip now respects the filename display settings
  • Fix: Focus input field when search in folder (global search) is triggered

Under the Hood

  • Upgrade Electron to v30.1.0 (cf. issue #5135 and Electron issue #41839)
  • Downgrade Linux builds to use Ubuntu 20.04 instead of 22.04 (#5137)
  • Fully abstract away newline handling from the internal logic. Now, newlines are always n across the entire app. The actual newlines from the files will be stored in their respective file descriptor, and will be exclusively used on file reads (to replace them with n) and file writes (to replace n with)