US to arm Nazi brigade in Ukraine


Published 11 June 2024 at 17.55

Foreign. The US State Department now announces that it will begin allowing arms deliveries to the neo-Nazi Azov Brigade – formerly the Azov Battalion – in Ukraine.

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Azov – which is now a brigade subordinate to Ukraine's Ministry of the Interior – has been accused of war crimes and torture.

Because of this and with reference to the unit's neo-Nazi ideology, the US has previously banned the Azov Battalion from using American weapons.

But now the US Foreign Ministry states that the ban is now being lifted, reports the Washington Post. According to the department, an own review has shown that the brigade was not guilty of such extensive human rights violations as are required for an arms embargo to apply under American law.

During the war in Ukraine, Azov has begun to distance itself from neo-Nazism and it has instead been pointed out that it is the Russians who are the real Nazis. In 2022, it was decided to remove the wolf hook – taken from the German Waffen-SS – from its emblem. In the same year they visited Israel.