Police face penalty if C2000 communications system not improved


The Labor Inspectorate plans to impose a penalty on the Dutch police if problems with the C2000 communication system are not resolved. The inspectorate finds it 'extremely unsafe' if the police cannot call in colleagues in the event of an emergency.

The police violate the Working Conditions Act with the problematic communication system. This is what the Labor Inspectorate told NOS. The inspectorate therefore wants the police to take action to create a safe working environment. Part of that is that officers need to know what to do in an emergency, even if the C2000 system is not working. If this does not happen, the police may be imposed a penalty. The amount of the amount is not known.

The Labor Inspectorate wrote a letter to the police leadership last year, in which the inspectorate demanded that the problems with the communication network be resolved by June 8, 2024 at the latest. According to the inspection, the police do not yet meet the requirements. The police are now given extra time to take 'structural measures'.

The C2000 communication system has been under fire for some time. The system has suffered several national disruptions, which prevented control rooms from communicating with emergency services via C2000. Outgoing Minister of Justice and Security Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius expressed the expectation that the problems will increase in the coming years. The Labor Inspectorate also concluded that the system does not provide enough coverage.