EA shares details of skate development


Electronic Arts and Full Circle share details about the development of the upcoming skating game 'skate'. For example, the Flick-It system for performing tricks has been 'rebuilt' and there will be a Quick Drop function to place items in the game world in real time.

In a developer update, the developer teases further a narrative element: in that story, a crew of skaters moves into the fictional city of San Vansterdam and is busy restoring public space, probably by placing skateable objects and constructions in the city. The developer further promises that the game's soundtrack will be updated and changed post-release based on the player's listening habits.

The upcoming skate game, stylized as 'skate.', is the fourth main game and at the same time a kind of reboot of the franchise of the same name, although Full Circle describes it as a new platform. The game is published by Electronic Arts. Skate will be free-to-play and funded by microtransactions. No release date has been announced yet. The developer regularly shares developer updates and still speaks of 'pre-pre-alpha' in gameplay images. Full Circle also organizes playtests.