M-top leads “revolt” against the gender reassignment law


Published April 4, 2024 at 10:04 a.m.

Domestic. A “revolt” against Ulf Kristersson's heavily criticized gender reassignment law is underway within the Moderates, according to Expressen. M-top Christian Sonesson calls on others to “take the leaf out of their mouths” and stop the proposal.

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According to previous sources to the media, at least 80 percent of the Moderates' members of parliament oppose the proposal, which will, among other things, make it easier for children to change gender.

A member of the party who wishes to remain anonymous now tells Expressen that there is “a compact resistance and enormous irritation at” how the matter has been handled.

However, the party whip is harsh and few dare to openly criticize the gender reassignment law – and thus go against Ulf Kristersson, who is said to have explained to his parliamentary group that the issue is of great “personal” importance to him.

An exception is Christian Sonesson, municipal councilor in Staffanstorp, who is known for his conservative profile.

– Take the blade out of your mouth and stop the gender identity law, he says to Expressen.

Sonesson first aired the criticism in a long post on Facebook.

“It is time for more people within the party to step forward . Members of the Riksdag but also municipal councils, regional councils, grass roots, members and voters. In any case, if you consider it unreasonable that children should be able to change their gender. Those who do not profess color unfortunately give their silent consent to the unreasonableness,” writes Christian Sonesson in a new post.

Member of Parliament Ellen Juntti (M) is also an open opponent of the law. She writes in a comment to Sonesson's original post:

“Several weeks ago I said in an interview in Fokus that I will not vote for the proposal. I have not changed my mind.”

An anonymous M member tells Expressen that Ulf Kristersson “made himself completely invisible even though he is the one who forced this”. Kristersson should “step forward and stand for it”, according to the member, who at the same time does not dare to stand for his criticism.