Asylum millionaire arrested for serious crimes


Published 4 April 2024 at 08.26

Domestic. Asylum entrepreneur Leif-Ivan Karlsson, 63, became very rich from tax money by running asylum accommodation and has shown off his luxurious life in his own reality show. Now he has been arrested on suspicion of serious economic crime.

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Leif-Ivan Karlsson was arrested in his 50 million villa “Örnberget” in southern Stockholm on Tuesday morning.

According to the prosecutor at the Ecocrime Authority, he has pleaded guilty to four serious crimes committed in Sweden, reports P4 Västernorrland. Including two serious accounting crimes.

– The crimes were committed between 2019 and 2021 and were discovered in connection with the bankruptcy of one of the man's companies, we cannot say more at the moment, says Niklas Ahlgren, press officer at the Ecocrimes Authority, to The newspaper Ångermanland.

The 63-year-old has been involved in various activities, but he has earned the really rough money from running asylum accommodation.

He was one of those who became very rich from tax money during the asylum chaos. Leif-Ivan Karlsson invoiced the Migration Agency as much as SEK 140 million and in 2016 alone, his asylum company Kulthammar AB made a profit of SEK 23 million.

To the public, the asylum baron is known from reality shows such as TV3's “Karlssons”, where his tax-funded luxury living was on display. In the series, he often sat on a sort of gold throne.

At the luxury villa, Leif-Ivan Karlsson also has a boat worth ten million and a garage full of luxury cars. In just one year, he bought 100 vintage cars.

On Friday, a decision will be made whether he should be detained or released, according to P4.