Ireland's future leader promises 'sustainable' immigration


Published 2 April 2024 at 08.11

Foreign. After protests and riots in Ireland, future prime minister Simon Harris says the country will have a more “sustainable” immigration policy.

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Under Ireland's left-liberal Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has seen a sharp increase in immigration from the Third World, leading to widespread discontent and protests among Irish people.

At the end of March, Varadkar announced that he is resigning from the post. His successor will be Simon Harris, the new leader of the Fine Gael party.

Harris, who takes office as Prime Minister on April 9, claims that he wants to straighten out immigration policy.

– We must try to reach a planned , sustainable system, he says.

Immigrant fatigue is great on the green island and in a survey before the EU elections, a third of Irish people stated that in the next election they intend to vote for a candidate who stands for a very restrictive immigration policy. Unlike Sweden and other European countries, however, there is still no major immigration-critical party in Ireland.

Simon Harris says at the same time that he and his party must continue to fight against the “danger of populism”, but that this should be done on a “respectful” way.