Western Digital begins sales of WD Red Pro HDD with 24TB storage


Western Digital has started shipping a 24TB variant of its WD Red Pro HDD. That is a small upgrade compared to last year's model, which still had 22TB of storage. For the time being, the company only supplies to manufacturers and there is no consumer version yet.

The WD Red Pro with 24TB of storage capacity is now on the company's Dutch website, where Western Digital only sells the drives to manufacturers. The international website states that the model can be purchased for $570, which is about 528 euros. VAT would then be added for consumers.

The 24TB version is the drive with the largest storage capacity that Western Digital sells to date. Last year the company released a version with 22TB of storage, the year before that one with 20TB.

The new model is no different from those previous models. The HDD still uses conventional magnetic recording and runs at 7200rpm. The drive has a cache of up to 512MB. The new drive is suitable for a higher amount of written data per year: 550TB, compared to 300TB in the previous model.

The drive has a five-year warranty. It is not known when the HDD will finally become available to consumers.