Skyttedal starts its own party before the EU elections


Published April 2, 2024 at 1:34 p.m.

EU. In what appears to be a last attempt to cling on to the EU Parliament, the former Christian Democrat and scandal politician Sara Skyttedal has now started a new party. And it is rumored that the S oligarch Jan Emanuel is on the train, reports Expressen.

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Sara Skyttedal is a political savage in the European Parliament after all the scandals that have been circulating around cannabis, sex accusations and attempted contact with SD in order to secure the extremely lucrative political assignment in Brussels.

Now she has started a new party which she calls “Partiet Folklistan”.

Skyttedal applied last week she applied to the Election Authority to start a party with this name, and the application has now been approved. She has also started a non-profit association with the same name.

There have been rumors that the former S politician and asylum baron Jan Emanuel would be involved in the project. According to Politico, a social democrat is included in the plans.

However, this is dismissed by Jan Emanuel himself.

– Gossip sites should not be trusted. If I ever start a party, I will call and tell you about it, he tells Aftonbladet.