Internal dissatisfaction with Muharrem Demirok ferments


Published 2 April 2024 at 15.19

Domestic. Muharrem Demirok has become a point of concern for the Center Party. The elections to the European Parliament this summer may determine the party leader's future, according to “central” sources for Aftonbladet.

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– If things don't go well this summer, the discussions about resignation to come, says one of the sources to the newspaper.

Muharrem Demirok is the party leader with the lowest confidence among voters. But that's not enough – a survey carried out by Indikator opinion for Ekot shows that four out of ten voters do not even know who the C leader is. A share that is also incredibly increasing.

According to a source for Aftonbladet, dissatisfaction with the party leader pervades the party – “all the way down to the grassroots”.

They also point on a lack of strategy and plan for where the party is going. A C source describes his party as “Sweden's most obscure”.

A specific problem ahead of the EU elections that the sources point to is that very few voters are aware of the party's top name in the election campaign, Emma Wiesner.