Developer builds own open source GPU that can run Quake stably


The prices of video cards may have dropped slightly, but it is still very expensive to put a good GPU in your build. Dylan Barrie therefore thought it was time to develop his own GPU. Well, the FuryGPU doesn't match a 4090, but it is open source and can run Quake on Windows stably.

Developer and hobbyist Dylan Barrie, who works in the gaming industry himself, developed the FuryGPU in his spare time. He has been working on that since August 2021, when he made his first commit to the project. The FuryGPU is a video card based on a Xilinx FPGA, specifically the Zynq UltraScale+. The GPU has a PCIe 2×4 interface, for which Barrie had to design his own schematics. FuryGPU has, among other things, four independent tile rasterizers and a clock speed of 400MHz, says Barrie.

Source: Dylan Barrie