Amazon will invest $150 billion in data centers over the next 15 years


Amazon plans to invest $150 billion in data centers over the next 15 years. The American company wants to expand existing data centers and build new facilities to meet the possible increasing demand for AI services and other digital services.

Bloomberg writes that the investments started two years ago and that the company invests not only in data centers in the United States, but also in facilities in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, for example. The American company should also increasingly take into account the local electricity supply.

The Bloomberg editorial team writes that it is becoming increasingly difficult for tech companies such as Amazon to secure sufficient electricity for data centers in some places. At the beginning of this month, it was announced that Amazon had acquired a data center from an American energy producer in Pennsylvania. That data center is located right next to a nuclear energy facility. Amazon also purchased about half of the power production of the Dutch wind farm Hollandse Kust in 2021. That park has a capacity of approximately 759 megawatts.

Amazon Data Center in Pennsylvania – Source: DataCenterDynamics