Linux Foundation forks Redis to Valkey with BSD license after license changes


The Linux Foundation is starting a fork of Redis. The database tool switched to a commercial licensing model earlier this month, which caused a lot of bad blood among developers. Valkey is a fork of Redis 7.2.4 and will be available with a BSD 3 license.

The Linux Foundation says it is starting an alternative to Redis, the in-memory database. That is a commonly used tool for open source developers, who use it as a database. Redis announced earlier this month that it will switch to its own dual licensing model from version 7.4. Redis has always been available as a BSD 3 license, but in the future it will only be available under the new Redis Source Available License 2.0 and the Server Side Public License. This means that the tool 'can no longer be seen as free', developers say.

Valkey is a fork of version 7.2.4 of Redis, the last version still available under BSD 3. The lineage is backed by Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Oracle, among others. Like Redis, the fork will be available under a BSD 3-Clause license.

Valkey's new maintainers say they want to 'continue improving the important technology' and enable 'unrestricted distribution of the project' to make. Valkey will be available for Linux and macOS, but also for OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD. In the future, the administrators want to add better slot migration and work on the scalability and stability of the tool.