CudaText 1.210.0


Version 1.210.0 of CudaText has been released. This open source and cross-platform text editor is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD and Solaris. The program has extensive options that are particularly interesting for software developers. Developed in Object Pascal, it starts quickly and the functionality can be further expanded using Python add-ons. The program is actively developed and new versions are released regularly. The changelog for this release looks like this:

F Added:

  • Use new version of fcl-json lib to faster load big 40Mb-size session files with big changed file text
  • Can disable Ctrl+Enter hotkey in the Find-dialog via new option “find_ctrl_enter”
  • Can disable 'Highlight all' feature of Find-dialog for huge lines via new option “find_hi_max_line_len”


  • Plugin Insert_Pics cannot set 'scroll last line on top' property for the splitted-view editor
  • Windows: fix focusing main app window by Alt-Tab from _non-modal_ plugin dialogs (no such major plugins exist yet)
  • Qt5 version: hotkeys display for `, Ctrl+`, -, Shift+-, Shift+= (fixed in Lazarus)
  • Qt5 version: FindInFiles plugin input fields are empty after pressing “Find” (fixed in Lazarus)