Rwanda takes SEK 2 million per deported immigrant


Published 2 March 2024 at 09.31

Foreign. British taxpayers will have to pay the equivalent of at least two million kroner per immigrant that the country wants to send to its new asylum center in Rwanda, British media reports.

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TwittraShare< p>The astronomical costs of Britain's deportation plan to Rwanda have been revealed in a new report by the UK National Audit Office (NAO), which shows that each migrant sent to the West African country will cost the British taxpayer at least £171,000.

According to the report, published on Friday, the British government has paid Rwanda £220m so far – despite not sending a single migrant to the country.

Three further payments of £50m are due to be paid out annually until 2027 and a further payment of £120 million (about SEK 2.9 billion) will be sent once Rwanda has accepted 300 immigrants from the UK.

One-off payments of £20,000 will be paid out for every migrant taken in plus a further £150,874 per migrant over five years for 'processing and running costs'.