Hungarian left-wing coven about pedophilia


Published March 3, 2024 at 1:02 p.m.

Foreign. In Hungary, there are protests against the country's conservative president Katalin Novák after she pardoned a person convicted of covering up several sexual abuses in a state foster home, AP writes. Ironically, the left is leading the protests – despite the Hungarian left's traditional reluctance to distance itself from pedophilia in particular.

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Hungary's opposition parties Socialists (MSZP), Democratic Convention (DK), Momentum and Green Dialogue have been very present in the protests against Novák despite their history of opposing laws specifically against pedophilia.

Leftist parties' street protests against pedophilia are particularly controversial because as recently as 2021 they opposed a bill against pedophilia in the Hungarian parliament, and marched out of the parliament building in protest.

Now observers believe that the Hungarian left is about to make a U-turn on the pedophile issue, where different liberal and left-wing parties have adopted different positions in different parts of Europe.

In Sweden, the party-politically organized left has traditionally been against pedophilia, while the homosexual movement and especially the RFSL has been in favor.

At the same time, the liberal left in the so-called Benelux countries and Germany has traditionally had a more pedophile-friendly attitude, which has also spread to like-minded people in countries such as Hungary. In these countries, organizations dealing with LGBTQ and pedophilia have not infrequently overlapped, and pedophilia within the homosexual movement has been more openly accepted than in Sweden.

However, the Hungarian population does not have any greater acceptance of pedophilia, and the government headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been noticeably squeezed by the popular protests against the president.

In a television interview this week, Orban singled out the left's protests against the government's pedophile ban as an example of hypocrisy, claiming that his government has imprisoned eight times more pedophiles than the socialist government did before it was voted out of power.