The ghetto Sätra centrum in bankruptcy


Published 2 March 2024 at 10.47

Domestic. The company that owns the Sätra centrum ghetto outside Stockholm has been declared bankrupt by the Stockholm district court, writes Fastighetsvärlden.

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It is about the company Scanprop Development which in addition to Sätra Centrum have been involved in housing construction at Telefonplan, which is now going bankrupt at its own request because the company can no longer pay its debts.

The bankruptcy trustee tells Sveriges Radio that there is a “big” interest in buy the ghetto and several speculators have come forward.

At the same time, a court case is ongoing where the company's owner and CEO have been sued for fraud, according to Fastighetsvärlden.

In addition to Sätra Centrum, Scanprop has built homes and hotels at Telefonplan but sold most of the properties before the buildings were completed.