Chrome now also shows search suggestions when there is a poor connection on iOS and Android


Google has made three features available for its Chrome browser. One of those new features ensures that Chrome users on Android and iOS will see search suggestions if the connection is poor.

Google does not explain how the new search suggestion function works exactly, but promises users that they 'also on a poor connection will receive suggested searches from Chrome'. This also means that users will receive “more helpful suggestions when searching in incognito mode,” Google writes. In addition, Chrome for Android and iOS provides more searches with an image. Previously, Chrome only showed images with search suggestions in the address bar that exactly matched a specific search query. Now broader searches, for example 'bohemian table', will link an image to each option in the dropdown menu.

Furthermore, the desktop version of Chrome shows new search suggestions based on other users' searches in the browser. These can be found in the 'People also search for' tab on the right side of the search menu.