Notion takes over privacy-friendly office package Skiff and discontinues it


Productivity app Notion acquires the privacy-friendly office platform Skiff. Skiff will retire in six months. Users can transfer their data to Notion, but this is not automatic.

Skiff, a privacy-friendly platform that offers end-to-end encrypted office software, writes on its website that it will 'work together with Notion'. The company would 'align with Notion's vision for a connected workplace'. In practice, collaboration means a takeover in which Skiff will stop as a separate service, as is also apparent from a Skiff faq.

That will happen in six months, the company writes. Until then, users can still use the office suite. In the meantime, users can migrate their data, but also set a forward address for other email providers. The company has written a guide for this. Users can also export their pages and files, emails, contacts and calendars separately. According to Skiff, users are not automatically transferred to a Notion account.

Skiff started in 2020 and grew during the corona crisis. The service is a privacy-friendly alternative to online office suites such as Google Drive, where all information is end-to-end encrypted.