Dutch minister: use of AR glasses behind the wheel is illegal


The use of mixed reality and AR glasses, such as the Apple Vision Pro, while driving is illegal in the Netherlands. According to outgoing minister Mark Harbers, this falls under reckless driving. The Vision Pro is not yet officially for sale in the Netherlands.

Outgoing Minister of Infrastructure Mark Harbers tells the AD that the use of mixed reality or augmented reality glasses falls under Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act. However, this article of law does not explicitly mention the use of these glasses. The article does state that electronic devices should not be held while driving, but MR or AR glasses are not held during use. Furthermore, drivers may not 'behave in such a way that causes danger on the road or that hinders traffic on the road' while driving.

The outgoing minister says the use of, for example, the Vision Pro is considered reckless driving and says that it therefore falls under Article 5. “Based on Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act, people can receive a hefty fine if they hinder or endanger traffic while wearing these glasses. Reckless driving is punishable, and that is what people do who drive with these glasses on. to sit.” The Vision Pro has been for sale in the United States since February and since then several videos have emerged of road users using the glasses while driving. The glasses have pass-through cameras and can therefore show an image of the outside world.