UN: Global warming behind cold winter


Published 13 February 2024 at 14:38

Domestic. The fact that it was unusually cold this winter is due to – precisely that – “climate change”. This is stated by the UN's climate agency WMO, Aftonbladet reports.

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Global warming can lead to longer winters.

The alarm comes from Celeste Saulo, newly appointed head of the UN Meteorological Organization WMO.

– We have a trend that is very worrying, she tells AP.

In northern Europe, the winter has been unusual cold and new cold records have been registered in Sweden.

Celeste Saulo's explanation – which may appear incomprehensible to an ordinary mortal – is that the low pressure of the polar vortex moves further south.

Lasse Rydqvist, meteorologist at Klart, has another explanation that links the cold weather to the warming. According to him, it is about the jet stream taking a southerly path due to the breakdown of the polar vortex.

– We will see more of long cold periods and more extreme heat waves. Right now it's the weather, but in the future it's a new normal, warns Lasse Rydqvist in Aftonbladet.