Talked repatriation – can be convicted of high treason


Published 13 February 2024 at 09.41

Foreign. German AFD politicians and other participants in a 'secret' repatriation meeting face prosecution for 'high treason', Junge Freiheit reports. If convicted, they risk very long prison sentences.

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At the end of November, a meeting was held in a villa in Potsdam. On site were high-ranking representatives of the immigration-critical Alternative for Germany party, AFD, and other German profiles.

The meeting participants are said to have discussed, among other things, a return migration program as a solution to Germany's immigrant problem.

The George Soros-funded left-wing media network Correctiv recently revealed what was discussed at the meeting, which led to major left-wing demonstrations against the AFD in Germany.

The federal prosecutor's office in Germany has now opened an investigation into whether the participants at it claimed ” secret” meeting in Potsdam can be charged with “high treason”. This for having conspired against the US-imposed German constitution.

According to the criminal complaint, made by a private person, the participants at the Potsdam meeting have been guilty of high treason. In serious cases, a minimum sentence of ten years' imprisonment is prescribed here if it can be proven that the accused endangered the existence of Germany “by violence or the threat of violence” or wanted to abolish “the constitutional order”.

The other parties in Germany at the same time continues to work to completely ban AFD, which according to recent surveys is the country's largest party.

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