Microsoft is working on a Windows feature that will allow users to clone their own voice


Microsoft has added a hidden feature in Windows 11 preview build 26052 that allows users to clone their own voice. This allows them to create a text-to-speech version of their own voice, and use it for online meetings, for example.

X user PhantomOfEarth discovered the hidden settings page of this 'Speak for me' feature, although it is currently not yet functional. The feature allows users to choose a 'voice avatar' or use their own synthesized voice to convert written text into speech. This can be used, for example, for users with permanent or temporary speech problems, so that they can still use their 'own' voice during digital meetings, among other things.

Speak for me is thus similar to an iOS function that Apple introduced last year. year, called Personal Voice. Users must record fifteen minutes of audio, after which the software locally creates an artificial version of the voice. Apple's version currently only works in English.

In addition to this hidden function, the preview build contains a number of innovations that are activated by default. For example, the Copilot icon on the taskbar now changes to a pencil when users copy text, indicating that the tool can take actions on the copied text. Also in this build it is possible to drag images directly onto the icon, after which they can immediately enter a prompt about that image. In addition, the sudo function has been added and Windows Mixed Reality headsets are no longer supported from this version onwards.