Debian GNU/Linux 12.5


Version 12.5 of Debian has been released. Debian is an open source operating system that can be used for both desktops and servers and with an emphasis on stability and security. It is therefore used as the basis for various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Version 12, codenamed 'Bookworm', will be updated over the next five years. Last year, the Debian Social Contract was changed, so the installer now also contains software that is not completely free and open source, such as drivers and firmware images. The release notes for this release can be found below:

Updated Debian 12: 12.5 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the fifth update of its stable distribution Debian 12 ( codename bookworm). This point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories have already been published separately and are referenced where available.

Please note that the point release does not constitute a new version of Debian 12 but only updates some of the packages included. There is no need to throw away old bookworm media. After installation, packages can be upgraded to the current versions using an up-to-date Debian mirror.

Those who frequently install updates from won't have to update many packages, and most such updates are included in the point release. New installation images will be available soon at the regular locations. Upgrading an existing installation to this revision can be achieved by pointing the package management system at one of Debian's many HTTP mirrors. A comprehensive list of mirrors is available here.