Consumers' Association: do not place orders at for the time being


The Dutch Consumers' Association advises against placing orders at the online store According to the organization, delivers orders late and in some cases not at all. There would also be problems with refunds.

The Consumers' Association had already approached the online store about the problems at the end of last year and had then asked to adjust the delivery times on the website. The message on the website then stated that products ordered 'today' would be delivered 'tomorrow'. The consumer organization had also asked to respect the legal term regarding return payments. This is set at fourteen days. had indicated that it was working on the overdue return payments and the company is also said to have addressed its suppliers involved. The message about delivery times would be adjusted, but this is not yet visible at the time of writing. Customers could also receive supplier contact details when they contact customer service. The Consumers' Association reportedly believes these measures are insufficient. According to AVROTROS, there would still be complaints and the company would also not be allowed to refer to suppliers. According to the association, itself is responsible for handling orders and complaints. – Information about delivery times