S calls on Jamal El-Haj to leave the Riksdag


Published 9 February 2024 at 17.15

Domestic. Member of Parliament Jamal El-Haj is now being asked to leave his post – by his own party, the Social Democrats.

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Expressens published on Friday an article written by Sofie Löwenmark that Jamal El-Haj tried to influence the Swedish Migration Agency to grant a residence permit to an imam. The information has apparently been leaked by Säpo.

El-Haj has previously been in the spotlight after having participated in a Palestine conference with connections to Hamas.

Now the chairman of the Social Democrats in Skåne, Niklas Karlsson, that the party calls on the immigrant politician to leave his parliamentary position.

– Ever since the Palestinian conference that Jamal attended despite the party's direct advice, it has been an ongoing process where several things have come to light, says Karlsson to Aftonbladet.

Jamal El-Haj has not commented on the call from the party.