Kristersson backs down on Orban meeting: “Solves it”


Published 10 February 2024 at 09.48

Domestic. The government first rejected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's demand to have a meeting with Ulf Kristersson before he admits Sweden to NATO. But now Sweden is backing down on the issue.

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However, a date for when Ulf Kristersson will meet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for discussions about Swedish NATO membership has yet to be not set up.

– We are working on the date issue and discussing it. But I promise that when we have a date ready, you will be the first to know, Kristersson told TT on Saturday morning.

Assessors have expected that the US will force Hungary to approve the Swedish NATO application , which was taken for granted.

To the news agency TT, Kristersson says that he has “thick calendars”, which made it difficult to find a suitable opportunity.

What he devotes himself to all day, which is a higher priority than the government's long-awaited NATO entry, however, does not appear.