Jomshof reports S-top who called him a Nazi to the police


Published 9 February 2024 at 18.02

Domestic. SD leader Richard Jomshof has filed a police report against Birgit Birgersson Brorsson (S), the chairman of the municipal board in Sölvesborg. This after she called him the “SD Nazi” in a Facebook post.

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“When a politician at this level accuses a political opponent to belong to and/or sympathize with a dictatorship and ideology that, among other things, carried out the systematic genocide of six million Jews, the limit is well and truly reached,” writes Jomshof according to SVT Nyheter Blekinge.

Richard Jomshof is chairman of the justice committee and extremely oriented towards Islam.

Birgit Birgersson Brorsson called him the “SD-Nazi” in a Facebook post about visitation zones.

Jomshof will not comment further on the case , according to the Sweden Democrats' press department.

Birgit Birgersson Brorsson has not yet commented on the police report.