The middle-class left buys Gucci caps in solidarity with gang criminals


Published 9 February 2024 at 12.02

Domestic. A number of left-wing activists announce that they will buy Gucci caps (with a price tag of SEK 4,000) in a protest against the government's visitation zones.

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Despite opposition from several referral bodies, the Tidö government is proceeding with the proposal for visitation zones.

This means that from March 28, the police will be allowed to body search people without criminal suspicion in temporary zones.

– Not everyone who wears Gucci copy caps is a gang criminal, but many gang criminals wear Gucci copy caps, said Martin Melin (L) during a press conference on Thursday.

This type of caps, like, for example, jackets from Haglöfs, are common among gang criminal immigrants. But the outcome makes the left – who accuse the visitation zones of being an expression of racial profiling – furious.

On social media, a number of left-wing activists, both known and unknown, declare that they now intend to buy their own Gucci caps in protest against the government .

The price tag for such a cap is SEK 4,000.

The campaign is mocked by other users.