The investigation against the prosecutor who is the cousin of the gang leader is dropped


Published 9 February 2024 at 11.23

Domestic. A female prosecutor who is the cousin of gang leader Ismail Abdo was investigated on suspicion of misconduct. But the preliminary investigation is closed, citing that it is not possible to prove that the prosecutor has acted criminally.

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Ismail Abdo was formerly Rawa “Kurdish fox” Majid's right-hand man, but when the Foxtrot network split, a very bloody wave of violence started.

A preliminary investigation into misconduct was launched in the fall of 2023 against the prosecutor in Stockholm, who is the cousin of Ismail Abdo. The reason was that it could be suspected that she had handled cases where there were connections to the gang criminal relative.

But the investigation has now been closed, the prosecutor announces.

– The investigation has not been able to show that the people who were involved, in the cases where the prosecutor was the leader of the preliminary investigation, had a connection to the alleged criminal network in which a relative of the prosecutor is alleged to be or has been one of the leaders. In other words, it is not possible to show such circumstances as are required to call into question the trust in the prosecutor's impartiality in the investigations, says chief prosecutor Lars Morand, who was the head of the preliminary investigation, in a press release.