One in five Swedes financially prepared for crisis


Published 9 February 2024 at 15.14

Economics. Only one in five Swedes feel financially prepared for a crisis or war situation. Few have extra cash at home for emergencies, according to a survey conducted by the research company 3S on behalf of the Savings Banks Confederation.

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The survey shows that seven out of ten Swedes are worried about what would happen to their money in a crisis or war situation. Despite this, only 20 percent believe that they are financially prepared if the crisis comes.

Six out of ten state that they have no cash at home as a contingency. Of the 40 percent who have cash at home, the majority, six out of ten, have less than SEK 2,000.

The authority MSB recommends that you have enough cash at home to get by for a week without society's help, to buy food, fuel and medicine. It is a message that few have taken to heart, judging by the survey.

The survey also shows that just over two out of three need more information about how they can prepare financially for a crisis situation. Among young people aged 18–25, a whopping 77 percent state that they need more information.