Tucker Carlson is threatened with EU sanctions – because he interviews Putin


Published 8 February 2024 at 07.50

Media. Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson may face retaliation from the EU because he traveled to Moscow and interviewed Vladimir Putin, Newsweek reports.

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Guy Verhofstadt, high-profile liberal MEP and former Prime Minister of Belgium, has previously demanded that Tucker Carlson be banned from entering the EU.

Now Verhofstadt is putting pressure on the Union to introduce sanctions against the opinionated American journalist.

– Since Putin is a war criminal and the EU imposes sanctions on anyone who helps him in that work, it seems logical that the European External Action Service also examines [Tucker Carlson's] case, says Guy Verhofstadt to Newsweek.

Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin is expected to be one of the most watched interviews ever. According to Carlson, it will be released at midnight Swedish time.

In a clip on X – which alone has received 100 million views – he explains why he is interviewing the Russian president. He refers to the fact that Americans are getting an extremely one-sided view of the war in Ukraine from their media, which he says is spreading deadly propaganda that is exacerbating the conflict. According to Tucker Carlson, Americans are forced to finance the war through the tax bill without even being informed about what the conflict is actually about.