The Sweden Democrats poke LGBTQ activist in Brussels


Published 7 February 2024 at 07.23

EU. Member of the European Parliament and LGBTQ activist Johan Nissinen (SD) has been moved far down the list of the Sweden Democrats' candidates for the EU elections.

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This summer Fria Tider reported that Sweden Democrats' EU parliamentarian Johan Nissinen started a campaign in which he demanded a “fast track” for “trans people” in healthcare.

This is to “free up resources for children and young people who really need this [ that is to say “trans care”, eds note] mostly”.

But now the icy Brussels life for the LGBTQ-activist SD politician is of all things to be judged soon.

On Tuesday, the party board presented its proposed candidates for the EU elections this summer. Johan Nissinen is still on the list – but only in 12th place.

The three top names are instead the sitting MEP Charlie Weimers, Member of Parliament Beatrice Timgren and Dick Erixon, editor-in-chief and responsible publisher of the party's web magazine Samtiden.