Milan closes the center to cars. Other similar cases in Europe


The news that the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala intends to close a part of the historic center (the Quadrilatero area of fashion) to private traffic has caused much discussion. There was no shortage of controversy, as always happens when a mayor proposes a substantial change to the road network. of the city. Moreover, radical changes like this are not well received by citizens who are forced to review their movement habits.

In the case of Milan, the choices of the municipal administration on roads have long been townare causing a lot of discussion. Let's think, for example, of the changes to Area B and Area C that have recently been introduced. There is there are those who reject them outright and there are those who think that they are not enough in light of what the other large European metropolises are doing.

A debate that is destined to continue given that the Mayor Giuseppe Sala has made it clear that "this is just the beginning.” After the center, other areas of the city they will be closed to private traffic, although the details of the project are not yet known. Moreover, even the closure of the Quadrilatero della moda area (as well as some adjacent streets) is not has not yet been defined in detail given that the objective is that of stopping the cars within the middle of the race. of 2024.


What was done in Milan cannot be &# 39; certainly something new in an absolute sense. In fact, severalother large cities in Europethey have decided to ban access to cars in the center or in some specific areas. There are several examples. Let's think, for example, of Pariswhich will close in 2024 a part of the centre, with the objectives of reducing pollution, improving road safety and promoting the use of other modes of transport. transport.

We can then move to Stockholmwhere the municipal administration recently decided, not with little controversy, to ban the circulation of endothermic cars in the city center starting from 2025. We are talking about an area of ​​about 20 blocks which will include the main shopping and office streets. Obviously there will be exceptions but the municipal administration, with this choice, aims to reduce pollution and traffic chaos. of the city. In fact, only electric cars will be able to circulate.

In Oslo, however, a part of the city center is is already closed to private vehicle traffic since 2015. A choice harshly criticized at the time, especially by traders. The municipal administration, however, is went ahead anyway. The examples could be even more and other cities European governments are thinking of closing part of the center to cars.

All that remains is to wait to understand in detail what the Sala administration's decisions will be regarding road conditions. of Milan for the next few years to find out how it will change the city.

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