BMW 5 Series: electric, diesel, petrol or plug-in, for all tastes | First contact


If you like the new BMW 5 Series you can rest assured about the engine, there is plenty of it. for all tastes. BMW is keen to reiterate its multi-solution philosophy, a choice that offers a car that is the same for everyone from the outside, characterized by the usual driving pleasure typical of BMW, but with all the choices in terms of engines for this generation, number 8.

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Auto 27 Sep

BMW 5 Series, the new generation is official. Also electric 69

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No war between diesel and electric, this is BMW's goal. We start from the 197 hp of the BMW 520d, the one with the 2-liter diesel and 400Nm of maximum torque, and we arrive at thei5 eDrive40 (340 hp, rear-wheel drive) or thei5 M60 from 601 hp and four-wheel drive.

In the middle there is a little of everything, because the mild hybrid category is in fact represented by diesel and petrol engines: they are all a little electrified thanks to the small electric motor and the small battery, and is this is the form in which heat engines can still exist. So the 208 hp 520i has yes a 2 liter petrol, but it also hides a little electric help.

If we increase electrification, we arrive at the 530e and 550e, plug-in hybrid versions with 299 and 489 hp that can travel up to a hundred kilometers in mode electricthanks to the new battery.

In this first contact I alternated the entry diesel with the more advanced electric. powerfuland it is pleasant to note how the car does not change in the sensations it transmits. The ergonomics of the passenger compartment are always the same, centered on the driver who has a lot of comfort available and controls always at hand, because not everything is relegated to the touchscreen.

The same goes for the feeling of the steering wheel and for the comfortgeneral, although with some differences. In fact, on the 520d we find a basic setup while the M60 is the most sophisticated thanks to the adaptive suspension and sports package.

BMW 5 Series is not a light car, already the diesel weighs 1,900 kilograms. Yet the 2 liter drives it without problems thanks to a ready and available torque at the bottom. Of course, he won't have the starting point of the electric, but the 197 horsepower are enough for a 0-100 in 7.3 seconds and, when we travel at a trot, it manages to consume very little, around 6 liters per 100 km (it claims 5.1- 5.6 in the WLTP cycle).

Add a few hundred kilos (to reach 2,380 kg) and here we are with the electric M60 that does 0-100 in just 3.8 seconds

strong>. A completely different approach compared to the diesel, and the promised autonomy varies between 455 and 516 kilometers on a charge. If you travel, it's even better to focus on the rear-wheel drive electric one, which sprints in 6 seconds flat and travels between 497 and 582 kilometers on a charge.

The M60 is a monster of torque and power, but maintains the same excellent steering feel and is pressed to the ground by the low center of gravity, as well as having active stabilizer bars as standard. These use electric motors to counteract body movements and roll; actually the result is Optimal. The only occasion in which the mass is felt is in very rapid changes of direction, but it is difficult to find similar circumstances on the street.

For the rest, both always enter corners with excellent precision – with the M60 I use regeneration while with the 520d I have to intervene with the brakes instead – and they come out quickly and ready to attack the next one.

Driving pleasure, luxury, comfort and technology are therefore confirmed, with the only note on the tech part which improves if infotainment in the first level of the interface, the one that gives us the main and quick commands just a touch away, but it still remains a little complex in the second “layer”, that of the more complex options. specifications that must be looked for after a few attempts within the sub-menus (or studied in the manual).


To take home an eighth generation BMW 5 Series you start from just under 70,000€: 67,900€ for the 520d or 66,800€ for the 520i.

The drives plug-ins start from 72,300€ while the least expensive electric one is the rear-wheel drive version costs 74,400€. The most powerful, to date the electric M60 costs 100,200€.

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