Dear fuels, Urso: the average price cartel works. For FIGISC no


The topic of petrol and diesel prices continues to be very hot and a source of controversy, especially political. The winds of war blowing in the Middle East had raised fears of a new rise in the cost of fuel. For the moment, however, despite an increase in Brent prices, pump prices continue to progressively fall.

On the reasons that are leading to the reduction in petrol and diesel yes a new controversy has opened in Italy. The reason?


According to Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italy, the drop in costsis attributable to the cartel's success with the average fuel price. The minister also added that many had said that the cartel would lead service stations to conform to the lowest price. high. Instead, it is exactly the opposite happened.

The display of the cartel with the average fuel price was successful, because today the price of diesel and petrol is dropped to 1.9 euros per litre, well below two euros. They told us that with the exposure of the average price there would be a rush to conform to the lowest price. high. And’ exactly the opposite happened, the price curve is dropped downwards. Basically the price is reduced by a third.

Bruno Bearzi immediately responded to the minister's statements., National President of FIGISC, the acronym representing Confcommercio petrol stations, who underlined that is not certainly the success of the price cartel is the cause of the reduction in fuel costs.

With all due respect to Minister Urso, it is not it is certainly the average price cartel that has caused prices to drop, and certainly not by “a third”, according to his statements, but by a few cents, moving the bar from 2 euros to a little more ugrave; of 1.9.

Bearzi explains, however, that the drop in prices at the pump is was favored by a series of factors including the decrease in international prices of refined automotive products.

The reasons are to be found in a decrease in international prices of refined automotive products, which are still in a phase of volatility. due to the situation in the Middle East. Even the increases in crude oil prices in recent days have not had a major impact, because those who decide the prices (the companies, certainly not the petrol stations) have chosen to keep a low profile on margins, at least in this phase.

Therefore, for FIGISC, maintaining that the drop in prices of petrol and diesel is fruit of the success of the average price cartel is pure propaganda narrative.

The price mechanism works on product prices, on the exchange rate and on maintaining a stable level of costs and margins of the complex distribution system. Is not serious; a useless piece of paper or plastic, with a number of pure statistical abstraction that determines the market and is misleading and irresponsible to deceive the consumer with this narrative.

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