Lynk & Co 03 ++, the new sports car makes its debut in China


Lynk & Co 03 ++is was officially launched on the Chinese market. It is a sports version of the Lynk & Co 03and is available in two setups. Only 40 units will be produced. per monthand the first deliveries are expected in December. A model, therefore, not designed for large volumes. Prices? It starts from 285,800 yuan, i.e. approximately 37,460 euros.


New Lynk & Co 03 ++ is based on the CMA platform which is also the basis of several Volvo models (such as the XC40). Its measurementsthey are 4,697 mm long x 1,843 mm wide x 1,448 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,730 mm. The engine of this model, a 2-liter bi-turbo, is It was developed by Powertrain Engineering Sweden (Aurobay) and has a power of 350 HP with 450 Nm of torque, enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.89 seconds. The transmission is entrusted to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

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The look of the 03 is been made more aggressive thanks to the grip of a specific body kit which also includes a diffuser and a striking rear wing. In any case, among the options there is a package that adds larger wheel arches wider, larger bumpers sports and carbon fiber elements. As mentioned at the beginning, this sports car is proposed in two versions. The first is called 03 + Racing and is characterized by the presence of all-wheel drive and particularly rich standard equipment.

The second version, however, is called 03 + TCR CYAN and takes the name of the team (CYAN Racing) which won the WTCR championship twice. It is characterized by having front-wheel drive only, like the WTCR racing car, and by having more track-oriented and the rear seats and other “superfluous” equipment have also been removed to achieve weight savings. There is also a carbon fiber rear spoiler and specific Michelin tyres.

The price of this version is of 420,300 yuan, i.e. approximately 54,244 euros. Among the accessories are an increased braking system, a rollbar and even a racing suit.

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