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Kaiyi Shiyue, the new small Chinese electric car for the city?


The Chinese electric car market is very dynamic, with a continuous arrival of new models. Soon, it will arrive on the road a new small electric car designed for chaotic urban centres. It's called Kaiyi Shiyue (formerly known as i-EA01). The official launch is expected during the month. There is no information on prices yet. Let's remember that Kaiyi is a brand founded by Chery in 2014.

Over time, however, this manufacturer has become was purchased by other companies Chinese. Currently, Chery only owns 18% of Kaiyi. Returning to the car, the brand claims that the name "Shiyue" is It was chosen through a competition and symbolizes "tenacity and the search for life, simplicity and the love of life, the harvest and gratitude.”


Based on information from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) website, Kaiyi Shiyue measures 3,360 mm long x 1,700 mm wide x 1,605 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,160 mm. The shapes are not too different from those of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

This small electric car is offered with a cockpit with a 2+2 layout. There's no shortage of technology either. Behind the steering wheel we find a 7-inch digital instrument screen, while centrally, on the dashboard, it is A 10.25-inch display for the infotainment system is present. F3E17EB5B1066.JPG ” />

This model can be have with 35 and 40 kW motors. In all cases the speed maximum is of 100 km/h. Everything will be powered by batteries equipped with LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) cells. Depending on the version, we are talking about ranges between 155 and 301 km according, however, to the Chinese CLTC cycle.

Even if behind Kaiyi there is Chery again, we are unlikely to see this model in Europe. However, a similar car could also be interesting in the Old Continent, especially in large cities. where small cars are very popular for moving around increasingly urban centres; trafficked.

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