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Electric cars, Motus-E: the gap between Italy and the large EU countries is widening


The data for September 2023 from the Italian car market show a decline in registrations of electric cars compared to the same period of 2022. On the sales trend of BEV cars in Italy, also in light of the latest data, it is Motus-E spoke and underlined how our country represents an anomaly among the large European countries.

In fact, if the market continues to grow in Europe, in Italy registrations are still struggling to take off. Motus-E recalls that in September 2023, 4,955 new electric cars were registered in Italy (-2.3% compared to September 2022), with a market share down to 3.6%. In the first 9 months of the year, electric cars registered in Italy were 45,790, with an increase of 28.2% compared to the same period in 2022 and a market share of 3.9%, while the fleet of BEVs in circulation increased. attested, as of September 30, at 209,338 units.


The analysis of Motus-E continues with the comparison with the European market, recalling that in August, more of one in 5 cars registered in the European Union is been electric, for a market share once again higher than that of diesel (21% versus 12.5%). In our country, however, the share of BEVs had reached just 5% in August.

In Germany, again in August, electric is was the first supply with a share of 31.7%. In the first 8 months of the year, the market share is by 18.6%. A value that does not differ too much from France's 15.4% share in the January-August 2023 period. More back there is Spain, which with a BEV market share of 4.8% in the first 8 months of the year, is in any case ahead of Italy (3.9% in the same period).

According to the general secretary of Motus-E, Francesco Naso, the Italian anomaly is the result of various causes. The first certainly concerns the incentive structure which is not good. Nose explains:

The incentive system inherited from previous governments certainly doesn't work but a few adjustments are sufficient for the same amount of money. of resources to make it more attractive and effective: raise the price cap to access the benefits, extend them in full to companies and rentals – also to fuel the used electric market – and review taxation in a green key on fleets, a topic on which we already have worked on a targeted proposal. All this guaranteeing a certain stability of the incentive framework, linking bonus announcements to the effective grounding of resources, to avoid negative effects on the market.

However, reviewing the incentive structure is not a good idea. sufficientto make up for a delay that risks becoming structural with dangerous repercussions also on competitiveness of the national automotive industry. To go further in depth on the issue, Motus-E has looked into the correlation between electric car registrations and key variables such as the spread of charging infrastructure for public use and the average income of the population.

Italy has a more efficient charging network. dense compared to countries such as France and Germany in relation to electric cars in circulation and from the cross-analysis of market data and Istat and OECD surveys a picture emerges that is worth examining further. Net of the comparison with Spain, which with an average income more than 8% lower than Italy has now steadily surpassed us in terms of market share of electric cars, the comparison between Northern Italy and France is striking, which despite compared to comparable average incomes show profoundly different car market trends.

In fact, considering only the northern Italian regions, we obtain an average market share of electric cars of 4% in the first 8 months of 2023, compared to the already cited 15.4% French. Therefore, according to the general secretary of Motus-E, the analysis suggests that in Italy an almost ideological resistance to the electric car has been triggered caused by the circulation of misleading information and uncertainty on the regulatory framework.

In a global panorama evidently aimed at mobility electric, falling behind can be fatal for the Italian industry. This is why it is It is essential that the public debate on these issues follows economic, scientific and social guidelines, without derailing under the pressure of beliefs and false myths that risk causing incalculable damage to the future of our country.

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